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Paper 2 Digital Storage Solutions, a specialist electronic record and document management solutions provider, has launched an affordable document management solution that enables clients to digitise paper-based documents into tamperproof electronic documents that can be easily retrieved in seconds.

According to Paper 2 Digital Storage Solutions CEO Dawid Jacobs, they have developed business models that are unique in the field of electronic record management. ‚Combining our technology with technical support, we can offer the full array of services needed for you to be a paperless business – electronically scanning, indexing, filing, storing, maintaining, and retrieving all your documents – all at a very low monthly cost. Our models accommodate our client’s business needs, not the other way around.‚

The offering is a full-service, end-to-end solution ranging from scanning and indexing of archives to electronically storing and managing of secure documents and records on secure database servers. Paper 2 Digital Storage Solutions’ Electronic Record Management System (ERMS) enables its clients to store and access all their records instantaneously through live operational electronic data.

Traditionally, companies stored their physical documents in archives and encountered major problems trying to manage and retrieve specific documents. This method proved to be costly and with many legal implications, especially with lost or damaged documents being a common phenomenon.

Although paper-based document management is still the norm, most companies now realise the risks associated with maintaining and managing their information. This information is crucial to decision making and needs to be easily accessible. They now understand the importance of capturing and storing their information electronically.

Jacobs says to remain competitive, companies must realise the value of secure and rapid access to authentic documents by utilising a high-quality electronic record management service. ‚The growth towards electronic storage and record management has become the fastest growing industry worldwide with South Africa following as one of the fastest emerging markets. Record management is critical to every businesses success or failure, from SME’s to the larger corporations.‚

Unlike most other vendors, Paper 2 Digital Storage Solutions has implemented all the required policies and standard operational procedures according to SANS 15801, ISO 15489 and the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act (ECT Act). It provides an audit trial of every scanned document.

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