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ADSL at 16Mbps

Local Internet Service Provider, OpenWeb, has introduced a Bonded ADSL solution with speeds up to 16Mbps.

Bonded ADSL is a new solution that combines the speed of up to four ADSL lines into one superfast ADSL pipe.

OpenWeb CEO Keoma Wright, says Bonded ADSL has finally become affordable. ‚ADSL is still the best option for broadband connectivity in terms of speed and consistency. Unlike our competitors, OpenWeb now offers a month-to-month Bonded ADSL solution with speeds of up to 16Mbps and without any ridiculous contracts.‚

This offering forms part of OpenWeb’s strategy to reduce broadband costs. It has launched its new 30GB and 50GB Bonded ADSL packages, available from R1499 and R2099 respectively.


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