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Adobe unveils ColdFusion 10

The latest version of Adobe’s ColdFusion server software, with HTML5 integration, was released at the Adobe Digtial Marketing Summit in London yesterday.
Atnthe Adobe Digtial Marketing Summit in London yesterday, Adobe Systems announcednthe immediate availability of Adobe ColdFusion 10 software.

ColdFusionnis a server side technology designed to allow developers to create more dynamic and interactive Webnapplications for enterprises using the Java EE platform. ColdFusion 10 now offers built-in support for HTML5nand helps boost performance using Tomcat integration and enhancedncaching. With the new hotfix installer and scheduler, ColdFusion 10 EnterprisenEdition allows enterprise developers to improve productivity, whilenstrengthening authentication and encryption techniques to make websites morensecure.

Withna multitude of enhancements, ColdFusion 10 reduces complex business logic intona few lines of code, dramatically accelerating the development cycle.nColdFusion 10 brings in the same capability to HTML5 application development tonhelp deliver rich user experiences through Web-sockets, video player,ngeo-tagging and interactive charting. Leveraging an array of built-in features,nColdFusion 10 gives developers the tools to condense enormous tasks into easilynmanageable projects and rapidly build and deploy scalable Java EE applicationsnto satisfy large-scale business needs in the enterprise.

“Innthe world of rich internet applications, the latest HTML5 standards are pushingnthe limits of what developers can achieve on the Web,” said Tridib RoynChowdhury, senior director of Products & GM-Web and eLearning, Adobe.
“Withnthe increase of content consumption on mobile devices and tablets, it hasnbecome critical for companies to provide a rich and consistent brand experiencenon mobile. Adobe is at the forefront of the HTML5 revolution, and ColdFusion 10ndelivers the first server side solutions to help develop interactive HTML5napplications to deliver richer user experiences across multiple screens fromndesktops to tablets and smartphones. In ColdFusion 10, we’ve focused on helpingnenterprise Web developers improve their productivity in development, deploymentnand maintenance and helped them easily leverage the latest technologies of thenday.”

New ColdFusion 10 features include:
·      nBuilt-in support for HTML5: Leveragenthe unique HTML5 integration and create richer user experiences using the Web-sockets,ninteractive charting, video player, and geo tagging. Publish data to multiplenclients or execute a point-to-point data push with real-time server response.
·      nTomcat integration:nExperience enhanced performance from the built-in Tomcat application servernthat replaces Adobe JRun software. With active and vast support from thendeveloper community, Tomcat implements the latest Web standards.
·      nDynamic and interactive HTML5 charting:nAccess a large repository of interactive, client-side HTML5 charts and easilynimplement them using the built-in chart functionality. Create an enriched usernexperience by customising charts, including charts that run in Adobe Flashntechnology.
·      nHotfix installer and notifications:nReceive instant notifications of updates to ColdFusion via the ColdFusionnAdministrator and save time installing updates by using the one-click Hotfixninstaller.
·      nSecurity enhancements:nCross-site scripting (XSS) and cross-site request forgery (CSRF) attacks arenmajor security threats for enterprises. ColdFusion 10 helps protect your servernagainst such threats using the formidable security standards and the inherentnfunctions to sanitise user input. Strengthen the authentication of yournapplication using the enhanced login mechanism and improved session cookienmanagement.

“Adobe ColdFusion 10 offers a wide range of newnfeatures and improvements to quickly develop applications that respond fasternto our users, including language enhancements, RESTful Web services and HTML5nWeb sockets,” said Sam Farmer, seniornapplications architect, FirstComp.

“Adobe ColdFusion 10 proves once again that yearnafter year, it is far ahead of the competition in terms of features andnperformance, leaving others out there spending more time playing catch upnrather than innovating,” said Jeff Coughlin, web application developer,nVersatile Internet Solutions. “The enhanced Tomcat integration in AdobenColdFusion 10 is a great selling point for developers. Tomcat integration willnprovide peace of mind with the security updates—especially my healthcarencustomers where security is a big concern.”

Pricingnand AvailabilitynnColdFusion 10 is available now in three editions. ColdFusion 10 EnterprisenEdition is a high-performance solution for delivering multiple websites andnapplications on one or more servers, or on existing J2EE application serverninstallations. ColdFusion 10 Standard is an easy-to-manage configuration fornsingle applications ideal for small to medium-sized businesses. ColdFusion 10nDeveloper Edition, a full-featured server for development use only, isnavailable as a no charge download. Low cost upgrade pricing is available toncustomers with valid licenses of ColdFusion 8 and ColdFusion 9. ColdFusion 10nis immediately available for purchase online from the Adobe Store, directlynfrom Adobe, and through Adobe’s network of partners and resellers.

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