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A very close shave

SEAN BACHER gives up his archaic electric razor, trades it in for Braun’s Series 7 790CC and is suitably impressed, regardless of the hefty price tag.

An electric razor is an electric razor, isn’t it? Well that is what I thought. I mean they all do basically the same thing, trim your facial hair making you look presentable at work every morning. And that is why I was rather reluctant to review Braun’s new Series 7 electric razor.

Firstly, it comes in one massive box, and when opened you are presented with a host of bits and pieces. Besides the razor, you get a docking or recharging station, which at first I thought was just a fancy little stand for you to show off your latest purchase. Then you get the obligatory oil and cleaning brush, the protective case and something I had never seen before ‚ a container full of fluid. It was this fluid that intrigued me, after all it is a dry razor and so I didn’t really see the point of it.

However, on closer inspection, I realised the container of fluid slides into the docking station and converts it into a self cleaning system. Think of it as a wishy-washy for your shaver. Slip in the fluid, and every time you dock your razor to charge up the battery, the docking station starts cleanings the razor. The idea behind Braun’s Clean&Renew system is that it will feel like you are using a new shaver everyday.

Admittedly, I was rather impressed. Furthermore, I was impressed with the LED on the bottom of the razor that shows how much battery power is left and when the razor will next need a clean. I was however a bit deterred by the fact that the cleaning fluid will eventually run out ‚ meaning you will have to buy a replacement cartridge.

A little bit of research revealed that a set of two cartridges will cost around R169 and each cartridge is set to last around 4-7 weeks, depending on usage. Not as bad as I thought it would be, but definitely something you need to consider before buying the Braun Series 7.

Does it actually work?

The cleaning and docking station is all very well, but at the end of the day, most guys are looking for a razor that works well, and one that gives you a clean and comfortable shave. This is where the Braun comes into its own.

The Braun employs something called pulsonic technology, which means that the active head oscillates at over 10 000 micro-vibrations per minute. This basically translates into a shave that will give you the closest possible shave. In addition to this, the Braun uses a rotating head, so you can be assured that all those hard to reach places will be evenly shaved without leaving any stray hairs behind.

The bit I liked most about the razor is, unlike others that use a lift and cut action which often ends up yanking your 5-o’clock shadow from your face, instead of cutting it off, the Braun uses a blade which cuts closer than any other, thus making your shaving experience far more bearable. This is all done in one action too.

In closing?

Yes, the Braun Series 7 is a tad on the expensive side, coming in at around R2 300. But considering the fact that the average guy spends 138 days of his life in front of the mirror, it is well worth the investment.

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