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A single connectivity device ‚ inside and outside the office

The Enterprise Mobility Solutions division of Motorola has announced the latest addition to its mobile computing portfolio ‚ the MC75A worldwide 3.5G Enterprise Digital Assistant (EDA), which enables organisations to select the device best suited to meet their business needs while providing the ability to standardise on a single device for knowledge workers inside the four walls and out in the field.

The Enterprise Mobility Solutions division of Motorola has announced the newest addition to its mobile computing portfolio ‚ the MC75A worldwide 3.5G Enterprise Digital Assistant (EDA). The MC75A is a premier EDA with the most features and functionality in its class and is designed for mobile enterprises that require connectivity around the world. Available in two models, WAN/LAN and LAN only, the MC75A series enables organisations to select the device best suited to meet their business needs while providing the ability to standardise on a single device for knowledge workers inside the four walls and out in the field.

Designed for reliable operation inside and outside the enterprise, the MC75A EDA helps retailers, manufacturers, healthcare facilities, government agencies and mobile workers in field service, field sales and transportation and logistics streamline business processes, improve operations and increase employee productivity. The new MC75A leverages the field proven form factor and accessory eco-system of the industry-leading MC70 and MC75 rugged EDAs ‚ with an installed base of more than 850,000 units ‚ and incorporates Motorola’s Mobility Architecture eXtension (MAX) innovations to redefine the way organisations do business. Offering the most robust processing platform in the EDA class today, the MC75A delivers consistent desktop-like performance regardless of application or location.

‚Motorola continues to invest in its EDA portfolio, demonstrating its commitment to providing customers with innovative solutions that empower knowledge workers today and in the future,‚ said Girish Rishi, vice president and general manager of mobile computing, Motorola Enterprise Mobility Solutions. ‚The new MC75A EDA offers an unmatched combination of features to help mobile workforces stay connected anywhere, anytime and in the most demanding work environments.‚

The MC75A EDA offers enterprises the ultimate integrated voice solution. With 3.5G HSDPA or CDMA EVDO Rev A connectivity, the MC75A provides mobile workforces around the globe with high-performance wireless broadband voice and data. Comprehensive 802.11a/b/g support provides a seamless, cost-effective WLAN connection inside the four walls and in hot spots — and support for 802.11a allows the granular segmentation of voice traffic, ensuring quality of service for VoWLAN communications. The MC75A, along with the TEAM Express voice client, creates an instant interoperability with Motorola TEAM Express devices, including a wide range of Motorola voice-enabled mobile computers, TEAM VoWLAN devices and two-way radios (with TEAM Radio Link Solution), to extend communications and the return on investment.

Purpose-built to meet the demanding needs of a diverse customer base and including Motorola’s MAX Rugged features, the MC75A meets and exceeds applicable MIL-STD 810G requirements for drop as well as IEC specifications for tumble and sealing. Motorola’s newest EDA can survive multiple five-foot drops to concrete and, with IP54 sealing, can withstand exposure to rain, spills or dust ‚ helping to reduce downtime and repair costs. And as the only EDA to offer five keypad options, the MC75A enables data entry simplicity for virtually any application around the world.

Equipped with a multitude of Motorola MAX features, the MC75A addresses the top business mobility challenges, offering maximum processing power, rugged design, data capture capabilities, connectivity options, security and manageability. Features include:

¬∑ MAX MPA (Mobility Platform Architecture): MAX MPA provides an industry-standard platform that enables easy integration into existing technology environments. Since all Motorola mobile computers share this common platform, existing applications developed for other Motorola mobile computers can be ported effortlessly and seamlessly to the MC75A, enabling exceptionally rapid deployment and improving the return on investment for existing applications. Additionally, Motorola’s robust, award-winning partner channel provides access to a world of well-tested, best-in-class line of business applications, further reducing application development time and costs.

¬∑ MAX Data Capture: The ability to capture virtually any type of data and perform almost any business function ensures that the MC75A can meet application needs today and well into the future. The SE950 scan engine provides best-in-class 1D bar code scanning performance, while the SE4500, Motorola’s revolutionary imager engine, delivers superior performance on 1D and 2D bar codes. The integrated 3.2 megapixel autofocus color flash-enabled camera enables the easy capture of high-resolution photographs, video footage and documents.

· MAX Secure: The Motorola MAX Secure feature set keeps customer data safe and secure, regardless of whether the MC75A is connected to the WWAN or the WLAN. Native FIPS 140-2 Level 1 certification and support for the most advanced encryption and authentication algorithms as well as Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) provides the compliance required for government-level applications as well as stringent industry regulations — including PCI in retail and HIPAA in healthcare.

· MAX Locate: Integrated aGPS/GPS technology enables location-based applications including real-time navigation, better fleet management, the ability to geo-stamp a photo for proof of condition and the ability to capture coordinates for proof of delivery in transportation and logistics or proof of service for inspections and maintenance.

· MAX Sensor: Motorola Interactive Sensor Technology (IST) supports a host of motion-sensing applications that enable organisations to derive increased business value. For example, organisations can increase worker accountability by detecting and logging device drops and improve power management by enabling the MC75A EDA to automatically revert to sleep mode when not in use or if the display is face down. And for added flexibility, in applications such as signature capture, the integrated accelerometer allows the display to dynamically rotate or switch between portrait and landscape modes based on the orientation of the device.

Whether customers require deployment assistance or advance device replacement, Motorola Enterprise Mobility Services deliver maximum uptime for Motorola’s mobility solutions and their on-board applications. Because customers will count on their mobile computers every day, Motorola recommends Service from the Start with Comprehensive Coverage, a multi-year service that provides inside-outside protection for the MC75A EDA. Customers can rest assured that no matter what is damaged ‚Äî from broken displays, keypads, and internal and external components to select accessories ‚Äî the repair is covered. Unexpected repair expenses are significantly reduced, providing service peace of mind from the date of the hardware purchase. And technical software support helps to keep the MC75A running at optimal efficiency ‚Äî and customers connected to their critical business systems.

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