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A security revolution is needed

The number of new malware samples detected year-on-year has grown from under 500 000 in 2005 to 16 000 000 in 2009. As such, the presence of cybercriminals has become more and more pervasive. According to Kaspersky Lab, a revolution in security will allow a business to counter the evolution in cybercrime.

Interest is mounting in Kenya as the country prepares to host the International Data Corporation (IDC) IT Security Roadshow on, 13th April 2010.

Says Maksym Schipka Director, European Research Centre, Global Research & Analysis Team at Kaspersky Lab: ‚As a leading provider of secure content solutions, Kaspersky Lab is proud to be part of this all important conference and feel that our participation not only enables us to share our immense knowledge and expertise, but allows us to actively participate in addressing the most topical and pressing security issues to improve African business development.‚

Taking place at the Hilton Hotel in Nairobi, Kenya, the IDC Roadshow will take a holistic look at security and offer practical advice for effective protection, especially considering that the freely growing online exchange of money and data and the emergence of thousands of malware and malicious Web sites have given rise to a fraudulent economy.

According to Kaspersky Lab, the number of new malware samples detected year-on-year for instance has grown from under 500 000 in 2005 to 16 000 000 in 2009. As such, the presence of cybercriminals has become more and more pervasive with malicious code being openly bought and sold to steal information from users and business.

Continues Schipka: ‚Today’s threat landscape is very different from that of just a few years ago. While it is always interesting to look at the details of how a particular cybercriminal operates, the bigger picture often escapes the attention it deserves. The signs are scary ‚ if we consider that the ‚shadow economy’ (economy largely driven by making money through automation and specialisation) is getting larger and more sophisticated by the hour, businesses must be on top of such trends and understand that the role of security needs to be continuously reviewed and taken very seriously. It is only through a revolution in security that business can counter the evolution in cybercrime.‚

Subtitled “Battling Sophisticated Threats: security strategies for the resilient enterprise, the conference will highlight security as a business enabler rather than a necessary or even mandatory cost as security moves from a purely IT domain, to a business implication.

‚The threat landscape continues to change and the conference will bring together pertinent market players to discuss and define the future of IT security for the continent, making it’s findings a critical component for all businesses operating in Africa, to consider:‚ concludes Schipka.

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