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A rip roaring, banana-scoring treat

Two of the best loved ‚ and certainly the hairiest ‚ video game characters on the planet are set to make a return this Christmas in Donkey Kong Country Returns. And, for the first time ever in the series, the primate pals can now face their foes side-by-side, courtesy of a new two-player mode.

Launching across South Africa exclusively for the Wii console on 3rd December, Donkey Kong Country Returns offers the popular side-scrolling experience the series is known for, together with new levels, spectacular graphics and added-depth to gameplay, courtesy of fully 3D environments ‚ all of which are sure to delight both fans and series newcomers alike.

In this latest instalment from Nintendo, in association with Retro Studios, you’ll find yourself immersed in dynamic duo, Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong’s, quest across jungle, beach and ruins to rescue Donkey Kong’s precious banana hoard from an array of enemies.

Key features such as barrel cannons and mine carts, which made the original series so popular, have been faithfully restored to provide series fans with a nostalgic thrill. But now, as well as the customary single player function, fans can enjoy a simultaneous, two player co-op experience ‚ a revolutionary new element in the Donkey Kong series.

This new feature enables players to navigate the levels separately, or as one unit. Diddy Kong can now also hitch a ride by hopping on and off Donkey Kong’s back whenever he likes ‚ an ability which can be utilised by less experienced players to navigate more challenging areas of the game. Furthermore – if one player loses, they can rejoin the action by popping out of a DK barrel floating on a balloon, to continue the game.

While seeing a return of the characters’ traditional moves, Donkey Kong Country Returns offers some new additions: most notably in the form of a Barrel Jet for Diddy Kong‚Ñ¢ which offers hovering abilities. Players can also shake the Wii Remote to make Donkey Kong pound the ground, roll on enemies and blow air. Diddy Kong can even shoot his Peanut Popgun whilst in two player mode.

As if all that wasn’t enough, a host of hidden items, puzzle pieces and other surprises are hidden in each level just waiting to be discovered. Hidden throughout each level are bonus objects to collect in the form of the letters K‚ÄëO‚ÄëN‚ÄëG. If players manage to spell out K‚ÄëO‚ÄëN‚ÄëG by the end of each level, the fruits of their labour will be rewarded with something special. Those looking for an extra challenge will find the Time Attack mode puts them through their paces by challenging the players to beat their time record on each stage.

Why not take a walk on the wild side this winter with Donkey Kong Country Returns, exclusively for Wii, when it launches throughout South Africa on 3rd December.

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