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8ta boosts prepaid recharge

Yesterday 8ta announced 8ta More, its new Prepaid offer rewarding customers with free airtime every time they recharge with R10 or more.

The free airtime reward can be used instantly for calls, data, SMS and MMS anytime and to any South African network. This significantly differentiates 8ta from the competition.

Amith Maharaj, 8ta’s Senior Managing Executive, says of the network’s new offer: ‚”We are excited to announce that 8ta is now able to offer customers a value proposition that is simple to understand and affords the customer all the flexibility in deciding how and when to use their free airtime‚”.

The key feature of the value proposition is a sliding scale benefit that allows customers to instantly get free airtime with every recharge of R10 or more. A recharge of R50 or more rewards the customer with a 100% of the recharge value for free. The complete sliding scale is as follows:

Recharge amount



R10 R29

20% free airtime

R10 buys R12 airtime

R30 R49

50% free airtime

R30 buys R45 airtime

R50 and more

100% free airtime

R50 buys R100 airtime

‚”Our new offer cuts straight through the clutter in the market around prepaid rewards and provides customers with free airtime they can bank on. All the customer has to do to instantly earn the free airtime is recharge with R10 or more. Therefore the more you recharge, the more you get free.‚”

Maharaj also highlighted that this great value is available on the state of the art network that is offering award winning mobile broadband products.

8ta More Prepaid is available nationally from 12 August 2012.


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