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3G meets ADSL in new bundle

MTN Business has announced the availability of two merged fixed and mobile data packages, designed for SMEs. The first is a 2GB ADSL fixed line with 2G mobile data and the second is a 3GB ADSL fixed line with unlimited 3G data.

MTN Business has launched two packages to provide the stable connectivity that SMEs require to make their business an even greater success. The two converged promotional packages include the following ‚ all at a fixed monthly cost* of R299.00 or R515.00 respectively:

 2G ADSL + 2G Mobile data

 3G ADSL + 3G Unlimited Mobile data

These packages will be bundled with a SRP527W Cisco Router and a Huawei E367 modem. The speeds of the E367 modem can reach 21.1 Mbps while the DSL speeds will depend on the bandwidth the customer has leased through Telkom*.

‚This offer will be the first of its kind within the Telco space, offered through our ISP,‚ says Nomalanga Nkosi, GM for Business Marketing at MTN Business. ‚What’s more, this special promotional offering at reduced pricing is accessible at a time where customers and small businesses are looking at efficient and effective ways of running their business seamlessly into the New Year and beyond.‚

With MTN Business’s converged offering, your business can:

– Operate conveniently ‚ Wi-Fi provides mobility and GSM modem can be plugged into a laptop computer.

– Be always ‚on’ ‚ provides a consolidated/converged solution in one (ADSL + GSM connectivity).

– Increase productivity and efficiency with fail over from ADSL to GSM (3G)

– Enjoy a secure network as all data transfer happens behind a firewall

Customers can use this converged solution for creating a mini network for a small office environment or alternatively to empower their mobile workforce. It’s a plug and play solution and customers do not have to worry about downtime as this solution can switch from ADSL to GSM connection.

‚Today, business competitiveness is no longer based on the size of the enterprise and the SME sector is fast realising that technology investments, that enable them to grow in innovation and to provide a ‚distinctive’ application, is no longer optional, it’s essential. We want to be able to give them that value proposition and these converged offerings allow us to do exactly that,‚ concludes Nkosi.

The promotional offer was made available from yesterday and ends 29 February 2012. For more information on these offerings, contact MTN Business’s call centre on 809.


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