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3G gets the 3rd degree

Is 3G as fast as they claim or another marketing myth? JAY SMITH test drives Vodacom’s 3G to see if it’s up to speed.
Sign a contract at Vodacom, load the software clip in the SIM card and plug the 3G card into you machine. It is as easy as that. I tested it on Windows 2000Pro and XP Pro and did not find a single error.
It has a very user-friendly console which allows you to connect, disconnect, open your e-mail, internet, send SMS, and has a simple usage graph to show you how much data you have transferred on 3G or GPRS.
Being a sceptic about the speed and reliability of the connection, I am willing to say well done to Vodacom and I give them full marks for a product that is easy and quick to setup. You will find the service constant and reliable.
I would say yes, but it is a fine line. Each person has their own requirements. Anyone who needs access to the internet or email on a constant basis will find this product very useful. However, if you’re not a traveller, you could always look at Telkom’s ADSL solution.
Here I have a big problem. As with all broadband services in this country, it is extremely overpriced, and adds insult to injury by having a mere 1GB limit for what is not a cheap package.
For more information go to your nearest Vodacom Shop or visit their web site:
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