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18 hours battery life from new LifeBook



Fujitsu yesterday announced its new LifeBook – the P771 which the company says will offer users up to 18 hours of battery life. Furthermore, the notebook boasts embedded 3G/UMTS, WLAN and Bluetooth for wireless connectivity. It can also be docked in a port replicator for when it is being used in the office.
Fujitsu today announced the first shipments of the new LifeBook P771, a fully specified high-end business notebook with the stamina for all-day working. From its small size and weight of just 1.3 kg to its long battery runtime and flexible modular bay concept, every aspect of the LifeBook P771 is designed to meet the high demands of road-warrior mobile power users.

The Fujitsu LifeBook P771 achieves battery runtimes of up to 18 hours thanks to combining the latest generation Intel chipset technology and ULV (ultra low-voltage) processors with an energy-efficient notebook design that includes optional SSD (solid state) hard drives, and an optional second battery fitted in the modular bay.

In addition, the LifeBook P771 features an optional 0-Watt AC adapter which guarantees that the notebook does not consume electricity when switched off, by cutting the supply when the notebook is in off-mode, both saving energy and preserving battery life by avoiding overcharging.

Versatility is a hallmark of the LifeBook P771, with a modular bay that can accommodate a removable DVD drive, a second battery, or simply a weight saver.

This interchangeability ensures that the LifeBook P771 is truly an all rounder, with the power to cope with business needs during the day, plus the ability to entertain by doubling-up as a DVD player when the working day is over.

With high-end notebooks being objects of desire also for thieves, Fujitsu takes security very seriously, with features such as Advanced Theft Protection (ATP), an optional fingerprint sensor for fast and secure login, plus added data protection from the optional Trusted Platform Module (TPM) available across most LifeBook models.

Knocks, bumps and bangs are all part of everyday life for a notebook used on the road – and can quickly take their toll on delicate computing components – which is why Fujitsu has equipped the LifeBook P771 with a lid made from sturdy but lightweight magnesium. The LifeBook range also features a ShockSensor that shields hard disk drives against knocks and drops by automatically disengaging the mechanical heads, while the LifeBook P771’s spill-resistant keyboard is a feature that will be especially appreciated by users regularly working with a cup of coffee.

Ensuring that mobile power users can be online at all times, the LifeBook P771 comes bristling with connectivity including optional embedded 3G/UMTS, WLAN and Bluetooth. For days in the office, the LifeBook P771 is easily docked in a port replicator, saving time and allowing easy access to ergonomic working with a full-size keyboard and display.

Ross Olver, Portfolio Manager Business Clients at Fujitsu says: “The LifeBook P771 is one of our top of the range notebooks that will appeal to high-end users. Although it is primarily a business notebook, it also includes powerful multimedia that makes it useful from dawn to dusk; it’s a notebook that fits the lifestyle of busy executives.”