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18+ Be The Mentor

SAB is intensifying its efforts to help reduce the harm caused by the misuse of alcohol with the launch of a short film focusing on preventing underage drinking in the latest instalment of the organisation’s 18+ Be The Mentor programme.

The film depicts boys auditioning for the role of “Tebogo”, a young man with a drinking problem.  The fictional character starts out as a young boy who witnesses his mother being intimate whilst he is supposed to be asleep. Later, he is depicted getting caught stealing, hitting a pedestrian while drinking and driving and other social misdemeanours. After the audition, the audience watch as the director tells the boys that none of them will be casted, because it was not really an audition. They watch in disbelief as the director explains that he was Tebogo, and the roles they were acting out were his past, and that he hopes they choose a better future.

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