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10 Reasons why PCs are not dead yet

With smartphones becoming quicker and more powerful each day, many people believe that they could render the PC as we know it today as an obsolete device. However, SASA MARINKOVIC, the Head of EMEA Product and Field Marketing at AMD believes otherwise and gives ten reason why.

1. Technology lies at a business’s core ‚ organisations depend daily on instant access to information and productivity tools. Business lives are run from PCs

2. People like to feel connected to the world out there ‚ whether it’s in a caf√© or the comfort of a home, people like to know they can interact with anyone, anywhere. PCs are the greatest enabler of this

3. In an entertainment-driven world, the PC has become a primary entertainment device ‚ in fact, according to Jon Peddie Research, 96 million people worldwide purchased PCs specifically for the entertainment experience in 2009

4. Belt-tightening has been a key theme of the past year or so. A new generation of computer devices are so simple to put together, you can beat the credit crunch and save money with do-it-yourself PC building

5. New markets are opening up for the PC ‚ schools around the globe are implementing virtual learning through online classes and webinars. PCs have become a critical tool to education

6. PCs are breathing economic life into areas that wouldn’t otherwise see it ‚ charities the world over are deploying PCs in developing countries and stimulating trade and industry growth

7. While smartphones make mobile access to information easy, there are a host of tools and features that are best maximized by the PC user. Pictures are best viewed in the glory of the bigger, better looking screen

8. As long as there is flexibility, there will be sales ‚ buyers like to make it personal and enjoy knowing they have flexibility in their PC experience. Customization means they pay for what they what and can select the features and functions suited to their needs

9. PCs are an extension of our own brain-power ‚ they help us see, share and create

10. Anyway, it’s a lifestyle thing‚Ķlike it or not, there is a sense of self-empowerment being a PC owner

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