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You’ll want to be the boss of this remote



When the remote first came out, we were overjoyed ‚ no more getting up to change the channel or to adjust the volume, what a pleasure. However, now the problem is too many remotes. You have one for your TV, one for your hi-fi, one for your DVD player and even one for your PVR. The problem is finding the correct remote, then re-orientating yourself with it so you know which buttons to push. One remote that performs multiple tasks at the same time is the way to go and Logitech has just the remote for you.

Nearly all of the entertainment devices in today’s living rooms use remote controls, so for most people a remote that simplifies complex home-entertainment systems is essential to performing even the simplest of activities, such as watching TV. Logitech added to its line of Logitech Harmony remotes by unveiling the Logitech Harmony 600 Remote and Logitech Harmony 650 Remote. Giving you one-click control over your favourite activities, both new remotes are simple to set up and simple to use, and can replace up to five other remotes.

‚Why have one remote for the TV, one for the DVR, one for your DVD player and one for your A/V deck?‚ asked Romain du Gardier, Sales & Marketing Manager – Southern Africa developed countries, Indian Ocean Islands, Nigeria and Ghana. ‚A Logitech Harmony remote brings it all together, making entertainment fun and simple for you, your family or anyone who picks up the remote.‚

When you’re gathered around the TV with your friends and family, a Logitech Harmony remote makes everything simpler. To automatically turn on the right devices and select the appropriate input settings, both new Logitech Harmony remotes offer one-click activity buttons. After completing the online setup, you just click what you want to do – such as ‚Watch a DVD‚ – and your Logitech Harmony remote automatically turns on the right devices and selects the right inputs.

With the Logitech Harmony 600 Remote, you’ll see the commands you need for the devices you’re using, such as power and volume, on the monochrome backlit screen. The smart display can even provide help if you need it ‚Äî just select the Help button and answer the questions that follow.

If you prefer a more colourful display, the Logitech Harmony 650 Remote features a colour screen, which lets you see icons for your favourite channels as well as the commands you need for the devices you’re using. For example, if you’re watching TV, you can see icons for your favourite channels, making it easy to jump to your shows with one click ‚Äî there’s no need to enter, or remember, the channel number. Both new Logitech Harmony remotes replace up to five other remotes, eliminating the complications and clutter that go with them.

No More Entering Codes

Setting up a Logitech Harmony remote is a snap. Simply connect the remote to your computer, go to, and download the software. You’ll then be prompted to enter the make and model number of your entertainment devices ‚Äî the Logitech Harmony software does the rest. From Betamax to Blu-ray, you can be sure the Logitech Harmony remote can control virtually any IR home-electronic device.

Logitech supports more than 250,000 home-entertainment devices from more than 5,000 brands. Our database of devices grows every day, so you can be confident your remote will work with what you own today or what you might buy in the future.

Pricing and Availability

The Logitech Harmony 600 Remote will be available for a suggested retail price of R649.00 and the Logitech Harmony 650 Remote for a suggested retail price of R850.00 Both new Logitech Harmony remotes are expected to be available in the South Africa May. The Logitech Harmony 700 Remote and the Logitech Harmony One Remote are available now worldwide for a suggested retail price of R1499.00 and R2100.00 respectively.