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Windows tablets debut



It won’t be only Android on tablet computers challenging the iPad this year. Netbook Navigator is unveiling three new Slate PCs, including the first 7″ multi-touch Windows 7 tablet, at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week.

Netbook Navigator announced plans to debut 3 brand new Windows-based tablet PCs at CES 2011. This new product line will include the NAV7, the first ever multi-touch 7″” Windows tablet, the all new NAV10i, and the debut of a newly upgraded NAV9 Slate PC. Netbook Navigator will also be demonstrating their Navigator User Interface (NAV UI) offering users a more interactive and touch-friendly PC desktop experience tailored to the tablet form factor.

All 3 tablets will feature the latest Intel ATOM processors, Solid State HDDs, 2GB RAM, multiple USB ports, WiFi/Bluetooth, optional 3G connectivity and front-side webcams.

In addition to these features, the NAV7 will feature a multi-touch 7″” capacitive LCD, accelerometer, built-in touch pad and swappable battery providing users with unprecedented PC mobility.

The NAV10i will feature a multi-touch 10.1″” capacitive LCD, multiple shortcut keys for easy access to key features, and a front-side track pad for precise control of the Windows desktop.

The newest NAV9 will feature a rugged multi-touch 8.9″” low-pressure resistive LCD and SDHC/MMC card slot, and will be available in all black for the first time.

The NAV UI software interface will only be made available exclusively on these 3 tablet devices, and will feature a navigation system that will allow users to easily manage multiple PC applications simultaneously, and browse files, folders and apps with the swipe of a finger.