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Gadget and Samsung are giving away a Samsung Virus Doctor air conditioner, designed to keep your home’s air free of viruses. To enter, follow Gadget and Samsung South Africa on Twitter and tell us what technology eliminates airborne viruses.

The Samsung Virus Doctor air conditioner is the best way to protect ourselves against airborne diseases, defeating the cause of airborne illnesses effectively. The British Allergy Foundation (BAF) has approved S-Plasma ion’s efficacy in the elimination of allergens.

S-Plasma ion technology generates negative (-) ions only, which function to eliminate airborne viruses, bacteria, fungi, mold, allergens as well as neutralise the harmful active oxygen (OH Radical) for cleaner and healthier indoor air quality. OH-radical can also cause aging and skin diseases.

According to the study by Hiroshima University, the active oxygen concentration level gets decreased significantly by the S-Plasma ion generating active hydrogen atom (H) which reacts to the active oxygen (OH-radical) to form a water molecule.


Another forte of Samsung Virus Doctor is that is has its own intuitive interface so you do not have to learn how to use it by reading manuals. With a slight touch, it immediately starts to work for your healthier atmosphere.

Competition entry details:

1. Follow @GadgetZA and @SamsungSA on Twitter. (We will ONLY be accepting entires via Twitter from readers in South Africa.)

2. Tell us what technology the Samsung Virus Doctor uses to eliminate airborne viruses.

3. The winner will be notified via Twitter on 10 June and Samsung will arrange to have the device delivered.

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