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Vox gets on board Vumatel fibre project in Parkhurst

Vox Telecom is offering customers three broadband packages ranging from R500 to R1 500 as part of its recent partnership with Vumatel, the company that is deploying fibre-to-the-home in Parkhurst.

“Consumers and small businesses have been waiting for too long to get access to world class connectivity, and we are excited about what a project of this nature brings to market place,” says Shane Chorley, Executive Head of Network and Operations at Vox Telecom.

Vox Telecom’s partnership with Vumatel includes a promotional offer to those residents and business owners that have existing ADSL connectivity, to get free ADSL data until the fibre service is installed.

Says Niel Schoeman, Vumatel CEO, “This partnership represents the start of our vision of deploying an open access based alternative fixed last mile to end users. The bundles on offer deliver on our initial target of at least 30% of the Parkhurst homes required to make this a viable alternative.

Voted best ADSL ISP in South Africa according to the July/August MyBroadband survey, Vox Telecom continues to strive to create value added bundles for consumers, and has tailor-made three for Parkhurst specifically.

Adds Chorley, “Our fibre bundles include Fat Pipe data that is not only unshaped, but does not expire and rolls over month-to-month, for the duration of the subscription.

All fibre bundles also include line rental, 1GB mobile data, a Vox Supafone and 100GB of backup storage.

Our ambition is not restricted to Parkhurst. We want to roll out to 200 000 houses over the next three to four years, which equates to about 100 suburbs. And we look forward to continued partnerships with companies like Vox Telecom to realise this roll-out plan,” concludes Schoeman.

The Vox Telecom promotional offer starts from 26 August 2014. The following packages are available:

– 4Mbps fibre bundle (incl 4Mbps fibre line rental, 100GB Fat Pipe data, 1GB mobile data, Vox Supafone, 100GB backup storage) from R449 p/m incl VAT

– 50Mbps fibre bundle (incl 50Mbps fibre line rental, 150GB Fat Pipe data, 1GB mobile data, Vox Supafone, 100GB backup storage) from R999 p/m incl VAT

– 100Mbps fibre bundle ( incl 100Mbps fibre line rental, 300GB Fat Pipe data, 1GB mobile data, Vox Supafone, 100GB backup storage) fron R1499 p/m incl VAT

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