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The New Motorola V.70

Cell phones are becoming more of a fashion statement than a communications tool. The new Motorola V.70 is a prime example of that writes SEAN BACHER.

For some people, cellphones are more of a fashion accessory than a communication tool. Think about it for a moment: one of the most important factors they consider when buying a new cellphone is its looks. Only then do they look at the features ‚ and primarily the games at that! Never mind the crucial issues like reception or the size of the onboard memory.

The new Motorola V.70 seems purpose-made for fashion-trendies. It turns heads. Admittedly, most of the attention it gets is due to its unique rotating cover that replaces the Motorola-synonymous flap. The bright blue backlight also does its fair share of attention-seeking… a bit like a cop car on the freeway.

Ostentatious perhaps, but by no means just a pretty face. It is also packed to the brim with the latest cellular technology, including Internet features such as WAP over GSM data or the quick-connecting GPRS. It also features a calendar, address book, calculator and other functions geared to the power-user. There is onboard storage for up to 155 names, the obligatory selection of games, voice dialling and speed dialling.

The V.70 weighs 83 grams and measures 94mm x 38mm x 18 mm. It uses the latest Lithium‚Polymer battery technology, which delivers talk time of up to 130 minutes and standby of 140 hours.

Now that you have a basic overview of the phone lets see how it performs in the Gadget Four Question User Test.

1. Is it ready to use?

Yip, as with any cellphone this one’s ready to go. You will have to wait a couple of hours for it to charge, but after that stick your SIM in and start calling. Some of the features are network dependent and not all networks are ready to roll with GPRS. At the time of writing only MTN supported GPRS.

2. Is it easy to use?

If you have upgraded from an older Motorola you will have no problem using this one. The menu layout is very similar to the older models and all the functions are under the same headings. However, if you upgraded from another cellphone brand, be prepared to undo old habits. Motorola’s menus are different to any other phone on the market and getting used to the reversed Yes and No buttons may take a while.

3. Does it operate as advertised?

Yes, insert your SIM card and away you go. It does everything it says it can do.

4. Is it value for money?

That’s one concern. At R7000, we think it is a little overpriced, even for a phone packed with all these features. Motorola may have to re-think its pricing if it wants the V.70 to go mainstream.

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