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Sean Bacher

Something on the Side: Keep steps in check with JawBone

In the latest Something on the Side, SEAN BACHER highlights the JawBone UP24 fitness bracelet, the Adesso iMouse E10, the GoPro Dual-Battery charger and the Photo Lounge customized smartphone cover creator.

JawBone UP24

The JawBone Up24 fitness bracelet connects to most iOS and Android smartphones via Bluetooth. Once the UP24 app is installed and synchronised with the phone, it allows users to set the number of steps they want to take each day as well as the time they want to spend sleeping. Users can also set goals and monitor their day-to-day progress through the app. A single button on the bracelet allows users to switch between day and night-mode and the vibrator alerts users when their goal is met, or acts as a silent alarm.

Stockists: Most reputable retail outlets nationwide.

Expect to pay: R1 900

Adesso iMouse E10

The Adesso iMouse E10 ergonomic mouse is designed to be used vertically and is shaped to fit the contours of a user’s hand. According to the developers, this position is more comfortable, as it keeps a wrist in natural handshake position instead of the twisted forearm that a user adopts when using a normal mouse. The mouse uses has navigational buttons and a third one allows users to adjust the cursor’s speed. Unlike many other optical mice, the Adesso works on just about any surface, including black or white surfaces and even glass.

Stockists: The Adesso iMouse E10 is not yet available in South Africa but can be ordered online from

Expect to pay: R500

GoPro Dual-Battery charger

When leaping from an airplane with a GoPro strapped to a helmet, the last thing you want – after you’ve landed safely on the ground – is to realise your battery went flat mid-fall. For this reason, GoPro has released the Dual-Battery charger. It charges two GoPro Li-ion batteries, which can be used in the Hero 3 and Hero 3+ cameras. The built-in USB port lets users charge additional devices like phones and tablets. LEDs show how much longer one must wait before the batteries are fully charged. Like the camera, the charger is water and dust resistant.

Stockists: Visit for ordering information.

Expect to pay: R500

The Photo Lounge customised smartphone cover creator

Smartphone covers are available in practically every colour and design you can imagine. However, if there is a design you haven’t seen that you would like on your cover, then head to the Photo Lounge. The site allows users to create their own smartphone covers by selecting from a range of photos from their own image libraries. The first step is selecting which phone cover a user wants – all major smartphones are available. They then need to choose if they want an image collage on their cover or just one. The second last step is selecting the orientation – horizontal or vertical. Lastly, they have the option of fine-tuning the image. Once complete, users need to enter their billing details and delivery address to complete the transaction.

Stockists: To get stared, visit

Expect to pay: R150

* Sean Bacher is editor of Follow him on Twitter on @SeanBacher

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