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Samsung’s top tips to buying a TV

So you have finally decided to take the plunge and splash out on a new big-screen television. Here are some tips to consider before rushing off to your local audio/visual stockist.

Thinking of buying a new TV this festive season? Samsung has identified four top tips to getting the TV you always wanted, at the best buy for your buck. According Corrie Labuschagne, Product and Marketing Manager for TVs at Samsung South Africa: ‚with the technical advancements that have taken place in the television market, as well as the accompanying technologies such as PlayStation, Nintendo Wii, Blu-Ray players, and being able to connect a TV to a laptop and/or computer wirelessly, the entertainment value of this technology is far more than just for viewing pleasure these days.‚ In line with this and to continue its commitment to educating and informing consumers on the available technology that will enhance their entertainment experience, Samsung has identified the following top tips to buying a new TV this festive season:

1. Do your research ‚ read up on the differences between the technology that is available today, including: HD Ready vs. Full HD, Plasma vs. LCD and LED and of course 3D TV. 2. Know your budget – it is easy to be swept away by the whimsical technology that is available today, however, it is important to be realistic about your budget and what you can afford. Additionally, knowing your budget also better enables you to shop around for comparative prices. 3. Know your space ‚ this may mean taking measurements to ensure that any TV you purchase fits your space and does not consume the room that it is purchased for. The entertainment experience of a TV is about adopting technology that fits your lifestyle and not adapting your lifestyle to suite the technology that is available. 4. Speak to someone in the know ‚ once you know what you want, an approximate size and what your budget is, you are better empowered to get yourself the TV you want at a steal, without being bamboozled by the fanatical sales tactics exploited over the festive season. ‚By following these easy tips, and while out scouting for mementos and gifts for friends and family this festive season, you may just find that ideal TV unit that suits your lifestyle, your budget, your space and meets your entertainment desires. Just ensure you have your TV license handy and get yourself that well deserved gift that will keep giving, over and over again!‚ concludes Labuschagne.

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