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Samsung S11 set for launch – check these specs

Samsung has revealed key details of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S11, which includes a 5x zoom camera, writes BRYAN TURNER.



Image courtesy CashKaro

Details of the Samsung Galaxy S11 have been confirmed after details of the device were spotted by XDA developers when Samsung registered the device with the CCC, the Chinese regulator that requires products to be certified as safe to use in mainland China. 

Within this certification document, Samsung has disclosed a model number for the device and that the device will support 5G and fast charging. This comes as no surprise after Samsung segmented the Galaxy S10 into 4G and 5G versions on its last release. The model will be called “SM-G9860”, which doesn’t really mean much to the consumer, unless there is a cheaper 4G variant that will be released alongside this model.

Some leaks about the device hinted towards a multiple rear camera setup.

As for fast-charging, the S11 will support 25W charging, which is 10W more than the fast charging in the S10. That said, it’s odd to see Samsung not opting for the 45W standard it uses in the Note 10 Plus. It becomes especially strange because the high-end flagship market will be expecting 40W+ charging, as seen in the latest Huawei flagships. This suggests that Samsung may be wanting the S11 devices to have a longer battery lifethan its competitors, especially with users who charge their devices overnight. It also suggests inferior battery technology when compared to the companies that create devices with 40W+ charging.

What it lacks in battery technology, it makes up in battery capacity. The race is on among manufacturers to fit the biggest mAh (milliamp Hour) capacity into a slim device, without compromising the other important bits like the camera, screen, and processors. Rumours from ANATEL, the Brazilian regulator, suggests the device may come with a 4,500mAh battery, which is 200mAh more than the Galaxy Note 10+.

It also doesn’t skimp on camera technology. The Galaxy S11 may feature Samsung’s “Hubble” camera, which has 5x optical zoom. That means users can zoom much further into objects and actually capture what’s there, rather than what artificial intelligence thinks is there.

The Elec, a leaker of many later verified features, say the on-screen fingerprint sensor will be much bigger than that on the S10. Instead of being 36 square millimetres, the S11 will feature a 64 square millimetre sensor.

There are rumours about stellar performance, thanks to Samsung’s secret developments into faster memory technology. All we know is the LPDDR5 standard memory (that was supposed to be in the Samsung S10) will be implemented alongside a flagship Qualcomm processor. This is likely where Samsung will get its competitive advantage in the Android flagship market.

And yes, it’s almost certain the S11 will not feature a headphone jack, just as the Note 10 doesn’t.