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Samsung cleans up withwash/dry combo

Samsung has released the Yukon Deep Foam, washer and dryer, a two-in-one washer and dryer that is said to use less energy than traditional machines.

“With a washing capacity of 14kg and 8kg drying capacity, the Yukon provides people with more time doing the things they want and less on doing laundry. Washing more clothes in a single load means there is also a significant saving on the amount of water used,”” says Rajan Gungiah, Business Leader for Digital Appliances at Samsung Electronics South Africa.

The Yukon also supports Samsung’s latest Eco Bubble technology that generates foam by dissolving detergent with air and water in the beginning of the washing cycle. Foam allows detergent to penetrate more quickly, evenly, and thoroughly than the normal liquid detergents do.

“”This makes for not only cleaner and fresher-looking washing, but the cold water washing means that people save on the money and energy they would have used for heating the water. The Eco Bubble technology results in no detergent residue or stains – leaving items as clean as when they are washed at the laundromat.””

Additionally, the Yukon uses the Samsung Vibration Reduction Technology (VRT), using a digital inverter motor with no belts or gears, providing a smooth operation by significantly reducing vibration and noise while improving the handling of unbalanced loads and increasing durability. . In addition, the digital invertermotor also comes with a 10 year warranty for greater peace of mind.

The Yukon features a Diamond Drum with inside holes that are 36% smaller than those of conventional drums, minimising texture-loosening and damage during washing. The innovative Samsung Eco Drum Clean feature combines heat and water with high-speed revolutions to eliminate detergent residue, dirt, and the odour-causing bacteria that form on the inside surfaces of the washer drum.

“”When Samsung designed the Yukon, it focused on user-friendliness and incorporating world-class technology features to make washing and drying a matter of convenience. People will be blown away by all the innovation that Samsung has put into this machine,”” says Gungiah.

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