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R5000 cash-back on iPhones



Local iStores are offering iPhone owners the chance to get up to R5 000 back when they trade in their current iPhone for a new one.

The iStore has announced a new upgrade programme for iPhone owners where it is offering a cash back of up to R5 000 when customers upgrade their iPhone.

Users that are due for an upgrade on their iPhone between now and February 28, 2015, can get their cash back voucher by registering at The voucher will be sent via e-mail, and can be redeemed at any iStore when trading in their current phone.

The voucher is valid for six months, and is locked in at the minimum trade-in value of the current iPhone, even if its value declines over the period.

The trade-in values are set at R5 000 for an iPhone 5s, R4 000 for an iPhone 5c or iPhone 5, R2 500 for an iPhone 4S and R1 500 for an iPhone 4. These values apply to a new contract or an upgrade, in which case the amount will be paid to the customer by EFT. For a cash purchase, the value will be discounted from the price of the new iPhone.

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