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Despite users carrying tablets around with sensitive data on them, many do not pay any attention to security, making them easy targets for hackers. In an attempt to curb this, AVG has released its AVG Mobilation security suite, which runs on devices using Android 1.5 through to Android 3.0.

Unlike what happens with computers, tablets and smartphones do not receive much attention from users in matters relating to security. Users have become accustomed to carrying sensitive data on mobile devices, both personal and business, using them to connect to the Internet, e-mail, surf websites, and to carry out online banking and shopping, but very few are concerned about security.

All this will make them even easier targets for cyber criminals and lucrative. As security alerts to happen, users will realise the risks and start buying and installing security software (firewall, antivirus and antispyware) on their devices. According to market research company Juniper Research, only 4 percent of users of smartphones and tablets have installed security software to protect their devices. The proliferation of applications, free and paid, which can be downloaded to a smartphone or tablet, coupled with a dramatic increase in the use of these devices, are already triggering security incidents.

Juniper has identified five key security issues that affect users of tablets and smartphones. The first is confidential information (personal, business and financial), which is compromised by access to social networks, the practice of online games and share content with third-party applications. Second, mobile devices require the same level of protection as the computer (antivirus, antispyware and firewall). Third, downloads and software applications are risky because they are often truffled with malware and spyware. Fourth, theft and data loss will increase, because smartphones and tablets are becoming more attractive to thieves, and finally, users always carry their mobile devices.

As an expert in security software solutions, AVG is combating these risks through the launch of security software specifically written for mobile devices running the Android operating system, from Android 1.5 through to Android 3.0. ‚There are several ways of installing AVG Antivirus on the device,‚ explains AVG Country Manager Bruce Goodwill. ‚The first option is via Android Market locally from the mobile device or remotely from your computer. Second is from the AVG online store using an APK installation package, downloadable by scanning a QR code or clicking the link in your android phone, and the third way is to download the AVG Mobilation package from our website and move over the file to the Android system using USB. APK installer is used to assist the installation.‚

On installation, AVG Mobilation will require a licence number to activate. Once activated, AVG Mobilation users will have access to a security solution that will scan the mobile device to identify and remove viruses, as well as check apps, websites, and text messages for malwareand removes it before it’s downloaded. ‚AVG Mobilation provides complete protection against viruses and spam, with lock, locate, and wipe features if your smartphone or tablet is ever lost or stolen,‚ says Simon Campbell-Young, CEO of local specialist security distributor Phoenix Software.

‚The theft protection feature allows users to locate their lost or stolen device via cutting-edge GPS technology. They can also remotely create and display messages onscreen, lock their device, protect their passwords, wipe content, and manage applications. In addition, they will receive real-time protection against malicious content and spam sent by SMS by having them blocked at the source. They can also block senders manually to avoid unwanted texts,‚ he adds.

Other features of the security application include a File Scanner which allows users to scan their entire device (including SD cards) for infections, the Task Killer, which allows users to kill apps in case the device becomes slow or stuck and let’s them close running applications with a single tap, and the App Locker, which allows users to lock one or more apps by selecting a password. Data Backup is available for backing up and restoring the users’ personal data such as contacts, call logs, or sms’, and App Backup allows users to backup files and applications to the SD card.

AVG Mobilation is available from leading retailers starting at an SRP of R99.99.

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