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Now Cell C will refund BB users

Following in Virgin Mobile’s footsteps, Cell C will also be compensating its BlackBerry subscribers for the three days downtime they experienced this week.

To thank customers for their patience and understanding during the Blackberry services downtime this week, says Cell C, it will be compensating its customers who are using the service. Cell C will give its customers R10 off the cost of their Blackberry Internet/Enterprise Service for the month of October as well as providing them with 10 free SMSes for the time they could not use Blackberry Messenger. While Cell C had no role in the service disruption, it says, the company wants to ensure customers are compensated for the loss of service as a gesture of goodwill. Customers will receive more information about the compensation via SMS next week.

Gadget estimates that the value of BlackBerry Internet Service over the three days, in terms of contract costs, is about R6 per user. For the large networks, such compensation would be ectremely costly, running into millions of Rands. However, Cell C and Virgin Mobile, who have both offered refunds, have much smaller BlackBerry user bases, and are probably able to justify the cost as a good marketing investment.

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