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New local apps for Android

Adding to the already diverse range of applications, Samsung have announced 7 new Android apps that are now available on the local Samsung Apps store.
These new additions form part of Samsung’s commitment to offering the consumer local and relevant apps across a variety of categories. The new apps added to the store include; Running Shoe Guide, Sharenet, African Poisonous Animals, African Weather Forecaster, African Phrases, RatenDate and Seventeen Love calculator.

Says Adrian Lee, Mobile Content Lead at Samsung SA, “We are excited about the availability of these apps for the consumer, as it not only shows a growing confidence in South African developers such as Apposition, Cytrus Technology, Media 24 and Sharenet, in uploading their apps onto the Samsung Apps store, but so too does it mean that we are providing our consumers with the locally relevant content that they expect from us.”

Running Shoe Guide (in association with Runners World Magazine):
This app allows the user to search for a running shoe that will suit their budget, running style and their terrain preference. Offering a comprehensive list of running shoes for trail and road running, this app lets users compare brands and find a shoe that is best suited to their running needs. The app is updated on a regular basis with the latest in running shoes across a range of various brands – perfect for the fitness fanatic who has comfort top of mind!

The Sharenet app provides the latest South African Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) share prices, graphs and news, keeping business users informed while on the move.

African Poisonous Animals:
This app provides users with a list of poisonous animals, including snakes, spiders and scorpions that can be found in Africa (however not only restricted to Africa), as well as includes information on these creatures including description, habitat, behaviour and venom. So if you’re in a remote location this is the perfect app to keep you safe-guarded.

African Weather Forecaster:
Check out weather forecasts per country and/or region to plan your day more effectively. Through this app, the location can be obtained automatically, or the user can search for weather reports for a required location.

African Phrases:
Listing commonly used phrases for African languages and their English translations, this application starts off by providing a list of countries – when a country is selected it expands to show a list of languages related to the respective country.

This is a mobile dating service that lets users make new friendships. Through this app, users can upload pictures, chat to friends and much more.

Seventeen Love Calculator:
The Seventeen love calculator app is a fun love calculator that is aimed at those trying to determine if their crush has a crush on them in return.

“With such a variety of apps available in categories including lifestyle, entertainment, reference and news, we are eager about the uptake thereof – which we believe will be great – and look forward to continuously adding more exciting apps to our South African store in the near future. In fact, as part of our commitment to driving the local development of applications we invite developers to contact us in discussing the possibility of uploading their latest and greatest apps to the Samsung Apps store,” concludes Lee.

All of the above applications are currently available on the Samsung Apps Store. For more information on these applications and/or to view the complete list of applications available, please visit

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