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Mxit to sponsor codeX



Mxit has partnered with codeX, a company focused on training software developers, and is offering three bursaries to the value of R25 000 each to Mxit users for the next intake in February 2015.

This new apprenticeship programme trains young, talented minds to build real software products, and is supplemental to tertiary coding and programming training. Very little coding experience is required to get in: codeX is looking for determined and creative problem solvers with a demonstrated passion for building things.

codeX was created by tech journalist and TV producer, Elizabeth Gould, former CEO of First National Bank and investor Michael Jordaan, and serial entrepreneur and engineer Dave Weber. They soon added agile coach Cara Turner to the team.

I travel all across the continent interviewing the companies building Africa’s digital future, and the most common thing they ask is if I know any developers for them to hire,” says Gould, codeX CEO, who also serves as Bloomberg TV Africa’s tech correspondent. “Nothing excites me more than giving more awesome young brains the opportunity to build careers in one of the main engines driving the continent’s growth.

The programme actively recruits from youth leadership programmes, STEM schools, and computer training centers. The team is also focused on improving the wider gender disparity in tech.

Applications are now open and applicants can apply through the Mpower Sponsorship app on Mxit (download Mxit at or they can apply through the codeX website at – applicants must be aged 18 – 24 and have an active Mxit profile to be considered.

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