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MWEB uncaps SME hosting



MWEB Business has removed traffic quotas and charges from its hosted server solutions to make it more affordable for SMEs.

IT business connectivity and solutions provider MWEB Business has removed traffic quotas and charges from its four hosted server solutions, making it more affordable for small and medium businesses to benefit from its high-specification, low-cost hosted server offerings.

Bernard Kur, Head of Product Management and Development at MWEB Business said that MWEB Business had promised at the time of the launch of uncapped ADSL in 2010 that this was just the first of many solutions designed to drive down the cost of business computing ‚ without compromising performance.

‚The launch of our uncapped hosted server solutions continues this trend,‚ he added.

With no set-up fees, and no increase in monthly charges despite the uncapped traffic provision, MWEB Business has made it even more feasible for budget-strapped organisations to have their own powerful server that is hosted in an exceptionally secure environment and monitored around the clock.

According to Kur, MWEB Business’s four popular hosted server offerings give businesses of all sizes an unmatched choice of computing power at unparalleled prices.

‚With the elimination of the traffic cap, businesses will know exactly what their hosted server solution will cost them every month and will be able to plan accordingly.‚

The uncapped hosted server traffic option is available for MWEB Business’s popular Lite, Basic, Standard and Advanced Hosted Server options.

All existing customers on these Hosted Server options will be migrated to the new packages at no additional cost.

Details of the uncapped Hosted Server products are below: