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MWEB adds to peering partners

MWEB has added service provders – Akamai and Level3 to its list of peering partners, in an effort to drive down South African Internet costs.

Christian Kaufmann, Director Network Architecture, says, ‚”Akamai is excited to further extend our presence in South Africa by partnering with MWEB to provide users with high performing web experiences.‚”

‚”We are one of the few ISP’s that are peering with the majority of our competitors where we offer content rich services to their networks. The fact that International giants such as Akamai and Level3 have chosen us to cache their popular content locally is further evidence of how large and secure our network has become. These caches store content such as videos, software patches and updates and social networking sites locally in our network and we are gladly making this available to our peers for free and to the benefit of the entire Internet community in South Africa,‚” says Derek Hershaw, CEO of MWEB ISP.

Peering, which essentially establishes data-fetching short cuts through direct links into other networks, helps deliver a faster and more stable user experience. MWEB is a long-standing champion of open, settlement free peering and believes peering to be essential in moving the South African Internet landscape forward.

The content that MWEB makes available to consumers, including news portals and rich media content such as gaming and live streaming, contributes to a world-class Internet experience for all South Africans.

‚”Open peering is common practice with large networks internationally and although it is still new to the South African market, we are already seeing local users on other networks taking advantage of it. We have noticed that content consumed on our network by other ISP’s users has more than doubled in the past few months,‚” explains Hershaw.

We believe that collaboration is vital to develop a world-class Internet infrastructure in South Africa and will continue to engage with stakeholders and champion peering in the South African and the international Internet landscape,‚” concludes Hershaw.

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