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MWC: Mobile App Challenge winners

Yesterday at the Mobile World Congress, the GSMA announced the winners of the Mobile App Challenges, a series of skills-based competitions aimed at the application developer community.

The 2011 challenges included the Brand App Challenge, the Band App Audition and the mWomen Base of Pyramid App Challenge. Each individual challenge is designed to inspire developers to create original mobile apps with very different end-users in mind. Winners were chosen for their creativity and ability to address the criteria set forth by the Challenge partners.

“There were some fantastic apps submitted across all three Mobile App Challenges and these winners truly represent the most creative and innovative developer minds,”” said Michael O’Hara, chief market officer, GSMA. “”We are delighted to be able to work with such forward-thinking partners and sponsors who value and realise the power of mobile.””

Brand App Challenge – An exciting competition in which mobile application developers create “”brand apps”” for Coca-Cola under its Coca-Cola, Coke Zero and Diet Coke brands. Developers were tasked with submitting a video of their idea or app based on guidance and objectives set out in a brief by Coca-Cola. Entries were allowed across a wide range of mobile operating systems including Android, Apple iOS, BlackBerry OS 6, HP webOS, Symbian and Windows Phone 7.

The winners for the Brand App Challenge are:

Band App Audition ‚ A competition where developers create mobile apps for world-leading music artists seeking innovative ways to interact directly with their fans. Participating artists included Enrique Iglesias, Faithless, Metric and Muse, and the Band App Audition was conducted in partnership with the Featured Artists Coalition (FAC) and the Music Managers Forum (MMF).

The winners for the Muse, Faithless and Enrique Iglesias Band App Auditions are:

The two runners-up for the Metric Band App Audition are:

mWomen Base of the Pyramid Apps Challenge — This competition encouraged developers to create customised applications targeting women in developing countries. The sponsor for the mWomen Challenge was Vodafone.

The winners of the mWomen Base of the Pyramid Apps Challenge are:

– Story courtesy of Mobile World Congress Show Daily

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