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LG V40 ThinQ debuts 5 cameras on a phone

Last year, 4 cams on a smartphone looked like excess. Now 5 lenses may be the new normal, writes ARTHUR GOLDSTUCK



The V40 also introduces new camera modes, like a backlight effect in selfie mode. The user can also adjust the colours of the background, for example changing it from blue to green to red.

“Something really cool is the Makeup Pro mode,” says Prinsloo. The feature, he says, is a response to the K-beauty trend, the beauty equivalent of the K-Pop phenomenon in Korea. “K-beauty is booming in Korea at the moment, and this feature helps meet the demands of the market. It applies 10 different filters, from which you select one in selfie mode, and then go on to add a blusher filter or more eyeshadow, for example, to get different cosmetic styles in selfie images.”

Somehow, we didn’t get round to testing that mode, but the triple-shot was tested on a human against the Joburg skyline and at a dinner table. In both cases, it opened new perspectives on the scene, not to mention new complications in deciding which pics were worth keeping, uploading to the Google Cloud, or consigning to the digital beyond.

That is the problem with such amazing camera functionality: if we already produce too many photos to choose, sort or catalogue, what will triple-shot and Penta-shot do to our lives? But, let’s face it, this will be beautiful chaos.

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Click here to see the specs of the LG V40 ThinQ.

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