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Kasperky to address Interpol

Eugene Kaspersky, CEO and co-founder of Kaspersky Lab, will be delivering a keynote address at the Interpol 9th Annual Heads of NCB (National Central Bureaus) Conference in Lyon, France this week.

Eugene’s speech, entitled Supporting Global Cybercrime Investigations, will cover the cyberthreat landscape of both today and tomorrow, and how cooperation between industry and transnational law enforcement is of vital importance in securing the borderless cyberspace.

The speech comes hot on the heels of recent announcements by both Interpol and Kaspersky Lab that they are entering into a partnership of technical cooperation.

Commenting on closer cooperation with Interpol ahead of his appearance at its annual conference this week, Eugene said: ‚”The online world has to some extent merged with the physical world in terms of what it is capable of, including causing tangible damage. And though the good guys and the bad guys in both worlds behave in very similar ways, there still appear to be difficulties in effectively applying existing approaches to the new cyber domain. It’s a bit like policemen on horseback trying to catch smugglers in sports cars.‚”

Commenting on the partnership with Kaspersky Lab, Interpol Secretary General Ronald K. Noble said: ‚” Interpol must work with all relevant public and private sector entities committed to keeping cyberspace and the real world safe from cybercriminals. Kaspersky Lab is one of the world’s foremost leaders in Internet security. Its founder, Eugene Kaspersky, has demonstrated his willingness and personal commitment to supporting law enforcement in this common fight to keep the Internet safe from crime.

‚”Kaspersky Lab and other private sector entities that are joining Interpol to support law enforcement in identifying, exposing and locating these cybercriminals will help keep citizens and businesses safe from cybercrime.

‚” Interpol is also planning to work with Kaspersky Lab systems and analysts to create the first-ever Interpol cyber alert when malicious code, malware or other cybercriminal activity with a serious global impact is identified.‚”

Noboru Nakatani, Executive Director of Interpol’s Global Complex for Innovation (IGCI), which will open in Singapore in 2014, added: ‚”A strong law enforcement response is not enough to stay ahead of cybercriminals. Close cooperation and engaging in capacity building and training with all affected sectors, including private industry, is crucial to developing a truly global cyber security strategy.‚”


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