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Internet Access in SA: the Tweetnote

During the Net Prophet conference in Cape Town today, ARTHUR GOLDSTUCK delivered a tweetnote address – a presentation in 10 tweets – revealing the headline findings of the Internet Access in South Africa 2012 study.

For details of the tie-in of this tweetnote presentation with the Net Prophet conference, see:

The Internet Access in SA 2012 findings were repeated in a tweetnote presentation from the first scheduled air flight in South Africa to offer in-flight WiFi. The in-flight GConnect service was launched on a Mango aircraft departing from Lanseria airport. Although it was scheduled to fly to Cape Town, the schedule was changed so it would turn back above Kimberley. In other words, there were no paying passengers! The flight departed at 4pm, and this tweenote was delivered from the sky between 4.15pm and 4.40pm. The hashtags were #GConnect and #Net2012

#Net2012 Tweetnote presentation of Internet Access in SA 2012 headline findings starts 10.35am during #NetProphet

The following is a tweetnote presentation ‚ 10 tweets on the same topic ‚ on the Internet Access in SA 2012 study. #Net2012 #NetProphet

1. #Net2012 unveils headline findings of Internet Access in SA 2012 study. World Wide Worx report due June. #NetProphet

2. #Net2012 uses multiple methodologies: primary research, interviews with providers, market intelligence. #NetProphet

3. #Net2012 first headline finding: there were 8.5-million Internet users in South Africa at the end of 2011. #NetProphet

4. #Net2012 found 2011 growth in SA user base was 25%, following 28% in 2010. Internet has awoken in SA. #NetProphet

5. #Net2012: 6,02-million access on computer, laptop, tablet. 90% of these also on cell. 2.48m only on cell. #NetProphet

6. #Net2012: Total of 7,9 million South Africans access the Internet on their cell phones. #NetProphet

7. #Net2012: Number of 3G users in South Africa: 5,5m. Smartphone base end of 2011: 8.5m. Forecast 2012: 11m. #NetProphet

8. #Net2012: Undersea cable capacity to SA at end of 2011: 2,69Tbps. End 2012: 11,9Tbps. End 2013: 24,6Tbps. #NetProphet

9. #Net2012 ADSL lines in use in South Africa: 820 000. 2011 growth: 13% . Limited by Telkom as sole supplier. #NetProphet

10. #Net 2012: Internet growth in 2012: expect 20%, taking user base past 10m mark and 20% penetration. #NetProphet

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