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iMaverick goes live on iPad



The magazine for “South Africans with brains, money and iPads”” went live today. iMaverick is the first daily tablet-only publication launched in this country.

South Africa was introduced today to a new era in news production as iMaverick made its debut as a full daily ‚newspaper‚ customised for tablet devices.

“”The media is aimed at discerning South Africans with brains, money and iPads,”” says Branko Brkic, editor of iMaverick. He believes the news package will “”cause ripples in the media industry””.

“”iMaverick is a premium media offering,”” says Brkic, founder of award-winning news and analysis site Daily Maverick. “”It is one of a kind in the South African market, and the only daily on the continent created specifically for the tablet revolution.

‚Devices like iPads have thrown down the gauntlet and most of the press have responded by repurposing their newspapers, but iMaverick is a game-changer, given that our operation is all about creating the best news content specifically for these devices.‚

Brkic added that sophisticated tablet users would be expecting a lot more than just another newspaper.

‚iMaverick fuses elegant design with world-class journalism, photography and video, to create a daily news experience that reads like a magazine. It’s a collection of the best briefs, features, analysis, latest overnight news and insights for people who like to think and want a read that will tell them everything they need to know about what’s going on in the world.

‚The launch of the app means iMaverick is delivered onto tablet devices for a read that’s elegant, easy to navigate and a real pleasure to experience.‚

Each week day iMaverick will deliver a newspaper divided into a number of sections, including A Day In Pictures: It Happened Overnight: South Africa: Opinionistas: Africa: World: Business: Life and Sport. Apart from A Day In Pictures each section will have briefs, which can be read at a glance, one-page articles and more in-depth features.

‚While we were waiting for the app to be approved by Apple,”” says Brkic, “”we trialled free downloads of iMaverick in active PDF format so that we could give the market a taste of what the newspaper would be like. The response has been more than encouraging, with tens of thousands having been downloaded since we published the first issue.‚

iMaverick will be available by subscription only. Stand-alone subscriptions for existing iPad owners cost R375 for three months, R750 for six months or R1,300 for a year, with launch offers now available. Trial subscriptions of iMaverick with the new app will be available for a limited period of time. Information about trials, subscriptions and information is available at or by emailing

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