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Huawei Mate 20 Pro matches camera benchmark record

A benchmark by DxOMark sees the triple-cam handset tie with the P20 Pro for best smartphone camera on the market.



Despite the well-deserved praise, said DxOMark, there is still some room for improvement: “When viewing images at pixel level, we often found that the Mate 20 Pro rendered fine textures a little unnaturally, and we detected some ringing around hard edges. In images shot in bokeh simulation mode, faces are often quite soft, with low levels of detail; and the autofocus can be a little inconsistent when using the LED flash.”

However, these flaws were insignificant compared to the positives:

“The Mate 20 Pro is not only an outstanding smartphone for still images. It’s very close to the best for video as well, thanks to a fast and smooth autofocus system with good tracking performance, accurate white balance as well as pleasant colour rendering, and low levels of noise, especially in bright shooting conditions. Our testers also liked the exposure system’s ability to adapt quickly and smoothly to changes in illumination.

“Video stabilisation is efficient when recording while holding the camera still, but it could be better at keeping things steady while walking, especially in lower light conditions. We also saw a judder effect while panning the camera and a loss of detail on some fine textures. None of these problems are particularly intrusive, though.”

* For more detail on the DxOMark test, visit their website:

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