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Hot at CeBIT: Fujitsu shaping tomorrow

At CeBIT 2011, the largest technology expo starting tomorrow in Hannover, Germany, Fujitsu will be showcasing the world’s first truly wireless PC display and pulling the wraps off its new secure business class slate PC. It is also underlining the momentum of its new Cloud Program for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and providing an insight into its Dynamic Infrastructures Blocks technology.

Wireless display consigns wires to the history books

This technology paves the way for ‚park and play‚ computing, where displays are powered simply by being placed on a desktop or conference table hot-spot. Wireless 22-inch Fujitsu displays use SUPA technology (Smart Universal Power Antenna) to draw power via magneto-induction from transmitter antenna that can be built-in to desks or office panels. The displays are truly wireless since they receive picture images via wireless USB from a desktop or notebook PC, with a range of up to 10 meters.

Fujitsu expects commercial wireless display models to go into production within the next year.

Secure business class slate PC

Fujitsu is using CeBIT as the global launch-pad for its new secure Business Class Slate PC model, the STYLISTIC Q550. The 10-1-inch Slate PC is a keyboard-less tablet PC that builds in security from the ground up, so that it meets the most stringent IT security requirements of governments and businesses and integrates seamlessly into existing IT infrastructures.

New ISV Cloud Program Gains Traction

Also at CeBIT, Fujitsu will announce the first successful projects in its new Cloud Program for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), in the three months since its November 2010 launch. The first 10 ISVs to sign up are now on the path to making extra sales thanks to Fujitsu’s ‚just-add-water’ approach that helps them to quickly, securely and effectively sell their software to customers ‚as a service’ via the internet. They can also be confident of the investment protection and collaborative revenue generation opportunities offered by Fujitsu’s ISV Marketplace, due to be launched later in the year.

Fujitsu’s ISV Cloud Program includes not only pre-configured cloud business services for online service sales, but also a complete Fujitsu Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platform. This makes it easy and fast for ISVs to migrate business applications into the cloud.

Building Blocks for Business-Centric IT

CeBIT visitors will also gain an insight into how Fujitsu is focusing on helping enterprises to tackle the major IT market drivers such as the shift towards service-oriented IT, data centre convergence, the emergence of private cloud, and the shift towards virtual desktops. Fujitsu’s future-oriented Dynamic Infrastructures Blocks (DI Blocks) will help enterprises boost business agility, efficiency and economics.

These DI Blocks are designed for data centres of the future, delivering powerful automated pools of computing resources made up of server, storage, network and virtualisation technology. DI Blocks will be sold as pre-integrated, scalable building blocks.

By allowing for fast, automated provisioning of IT infrastructures for business processes, DI Blocks will enable enterprises to flexibly commission entirely new IT systems in minutes rather than hours or days, to react more quickly to changing business computing needs. Fujitsu will market DI Blocks as pre-integrated, scalable and modular building blocks available in a variety of configurations to meet different capacity and performance needs. DI Blocks will comprise the complete hardware and software stack, including integration and lifecycle services, complemented by consulting and operation support services.

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