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Here Maps helps track COVID-19

Here Maps and Enel X have produced a big-data solution to estimate public movements in Italy to help fight the spread of COVID-19 in Italy.



Enel X, part of the Enel Group, and HERE Technologies, a leader in geographical data and mapping services, have launched “City Analytics – Mobility Map” to support the response to the COVID-19 emergency in Italy. The service is a big-data solution that estimates variations in the public’s movements and kilometres travelled throughout national, regional and municipal areas in Italy.  

The service maps macro-flows of movements based on an analysis of anonymised and aggregated data from connected vehicles, maps and navigation systems. The data is produced via connections between location data from mobile applications and open data from government agencies. 

The data processing generates a number of key indicators: 

  • the daily percentage change in the number of trips in an area, compared to a weighted average from January 2020 with aggregate regional, provincial and municipal views; 
  • the daily percentage variation in total kilometres travelled, compared to a weighted average from January 2020, with aggregate regional, provincial and municipal views; 
  • daily percentage view of the areas travelled from the entrance and exit of each municipality, province, region; 
  • origin/destination matrices showing the percentage of weekly trips between regions, between provinces and between main municipalities. 

“The new release of City Analytics is an innovative tool developed to meet the needs of government agencies taking on the emergency,” says Francesco Venturini, Head of Enel X. “Thanks to the collaboration with HERE Technologies we have provided the country with an effective solution for evaluating developments in mobility flows across the territory, which can be used to plan the recovery phase.” 

“HERE Technologies is determined to leverage its location intelligence in the fight against the global coronavirus pandemic.” says Edzard Overbeek, CEO of HERE Technologies. “Together with Enel X, we hope to help the country contain and control the spread of the coronavirus while protecting the privacy of Italians.”  

The data can be consulted for free until May 31 2020, by central and local government bodies, by the local governments affected and by the Civil Protection Department on the Enel X YoUrban portal. They can be used to better understand the impacts of the COVID-19 containment measures, identify areas that need more support in the implementation of these measures and analyse the gradual return to normal in a data-driven way, once the pandemic is over.  

In addition to government institutions, the public will also be able to access data on daily mobility flows through the dashboard on the Enel X website, and actively support local governments in such a challenging period for Italy. The dashboard can be accessed at