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Hello MOTOrola C350

Currently, the cellular telephone market is having an influx of new models from all manufacturers. The term ‚spoilt for choice‚ has never seemed so apt. Motorola have introduced the C350, and ADAM MEGENS is there to put it through the paces.

First you’ll have to charge the battery but no big complications there. To access the Internet you will have to make sure that you are all set up with your service provider. Make sure your SIM card is in and start dialling.

One thing that is important when using the Motorola: forget all you know about how other makes of cellular phones work. If you are expecting it to work like a Nokia, you are going to be disappointed. Motorola have approached things from a different point of view and therefore solved problems uniquely. For example, to assist the user in writing SMS’s, Motorola have come up with iTAP which is like predictive text. Your basic functions like making a call are, well, basic: enter number, green phone to dial, red phone to end call. But then, who’s buying the phone for the basic functions? The phone is simple to browse through. It must be said that perhaps the designers should have consolidated a few of the functions under one broad heading like all the Internet access functions. I say this merely because it can be a little long-winded and baffling trying to find a particular item in the menu. Other than that, reception never seemed to be a problem anywhere or anytime during the whole period of testing, and the battery generally lasted two to three days before requiring a recharge.

It certainly does deliver, and smartly too. As mentioned before, the C350 is being marketed as a phone that adapts to your lifestyle. It is a phone that you can make truly yours, an extension of your personality. Other than that, it’s funky, chic and makes phone calls, promise fulfilled.

Frankly, it’s a cellular phone. There’s nothing here you haven’t seen before (apart from the wicked games). There is something special about the C350 though, something I can only describe by telling you that you would have to become familiar with this phone to understand what I mean. It’s a phone that you enjoy using, a phone you could never describe as ‚just a phone‚ . If you are looking for a phone that just makes calls and that’s it, then don’t buy this phone. If you are looking for a phone that becomes a part of you, then the C350 is for you.

And here is where the C350 REALLY comes to the party. The recommended retail price is around R1000. You are not going to find great value like this every day. The C350 is priced to compete with entry level models, but you’ll be getting a package that will compete with phones twice its price. Apart from everything else I would have to say that the price is definitely the most attractive feature this sexy little number has to offer.

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