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Get your next Apple device for less than your last

For those eyeing a new iPhone contract or considering upgrading your Mac, the iStore is offering special deals and trade-ins. Here is a complete guide to the best Apple deals.



Paying less for your next Apple device in South Africa is now a lot easier, if customers choose to upgrade and trade-in their previous Apple device. These discounts can also be applied to contract deals, meaning they could end up paying less per month than their current device contracts. 

The most notable pricing applies to the iPhone 11, which can cost as little as R469 per month when customers trade in their iPhone X, iPhone 8 or iPhone 7. Previous iPhone models also apply, but customers will get a lower discount. For those who want to buy their iPhone cash, an iPhone 7 (32GB) in good condition will bump the iPhone 11 (64GB) down by R4,000, from R15,999 to R11,999.  

Contracts and upgrades on Vodacom, MTN, and Telkom can also be done in-store, which allows customers to get trade-in, new device collection, and network activation, completed in the same place. 

For Macs, customers who use the 2015 MacBook Air can trade in units in good condition  for around R5,000, which bumps the new 2020 MacBook Air’s price down from R21,999 to R16,999. Those who use the i5 2015 MacBook Pro can trade in a unit in good condition for around R10,000, which pushes the late 2019 MacBook Pro’s price down from R43,999 to R33,999. 

iPad users can also trade-in older units for a newer iPad, at a lower price. Trading in a baseline 32GB iPad Pro (2015) will give customers a discount of around R3,800, which reduces the price of the new 2020 128GB iPad Pro (11-inch) from R17,699 to R13,899. 

While these examples indicate discounts available to consumers, they’re not an exhaustive list. Customers are also not restricted to trading in within their product vertical, i.e. one can trade in an iPad for a discount on a Mac product. To find out a close estimate on your used Apple product, visit iStore’s Trade-In evaluator.  

This trade-in programme is ideal for those who won’t be using their last device, and don’t want to be involved with the risks of selling their Apple devices privately. 

The trade-in programme will continue when the iStore is allowed to operate in store again.