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Five weeks to next big break

CG Consulting has warned that the IT industry is facing increased economic pressure with companies struggling to gain momentum in the short business periods between school holidays. Global sporting events will certainly also disrupt business in all sectors, especially the rugby and cricket world cup events.

CG Consulting is a marketing firm that helps companies build a sales pipeline and has introduced a solution with new improved opportunities to market products, quickly and effectively, in order to increase sales revenues.

The company’s sales and marketing director Louise Robinson says the year has hardly kicked off and the April holidays are looming. ‚We have merely come out of one long holiday and we are already going into the next, how can businesses survive with only nine selling months in the year.‚

She says the answer is for companies to outsource their sales efforts for quick results. ‚All the sales people need to do is the actual sale, we do all the cold calling. Imagine receiving a list of qualified appointments in your inbox. This is a reality with CG Consulting’s service offering.‚

Through years of experience in outbound telemarketing and by having built specialised and accurate corporate databases and marketing lists, CG Consulting is able to converse directly with CEO’s, CIO’s and other important decision makers across SMEs and larger enterprises.

CG Consulting runs a fully equipped inbound and outbound call centre and its telemarketing campaigns include outsourced, outbound high-end lead generation, market research and customer profiling, market intelligence, customer satisfaction surveys, appointment setting, brand awareness, data mining, data cleaning and data profiling.

Robinson says companies need to penetrate new markets at the lowest possible cost. ‚They need to use all available resources to ensure their sustainability. We are customer-centric and deliver a world-class service to predominantly the ICT and technology industries that are looking to expand their footprint in the South African and the greater African continent.‚

Through a keen understanding of its clients’ products and services, CG Consulting is able to qualify prospects and schedule appointments on their behalf, enabling their sales people to drive revenue and increase the bottom line.

CG Consulting is not only able to offer its clients first level contact data, but also the informational data that is able to provide insight into a client’s needs. The data currently held by CG Consulting includes corporate data across all the major business verticals with contacts for the offices of IT, finance, CEO, HR etc.

In addition, the company conducts regular research and surveys through its databases, especially to determine their specific needs. As a result, CG Consulting has a wealth of relevant information that can be used by companies, specifically in the IT industry.

CG Consulting is also experiencing an enormous interest in its African database, a comprehensive resource of companies and executives throughout the African continent. It is inundated with requests for accurate data throughout the continent.

Its database has been developed specifically to provide all organisations, including IT companies, wanting to do business in Africa, with access to the right people, the right contact details, and the right information about the specific needs of these companies.

‚The reality is that data for emerging Africa is almost non-existent. This is the reason why we have invested significantly in time and resources to build and develop a comprehensive database of businesses in Africa,‚ concludes Robinson.

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