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File Type Mechanic opens all

Trusted Software has released File Type Mechanic, a Windows utility that tames the dreaded “Windows can’t open this file”” error message. If a friend or business colleague emails you a file, and you’ve never used this type of file before, it’s likely that Windows won’t know how to open it. File Type Mechanic can help.

File Type Mechanic runs a scan of your Windows system, and identifies all of the file types that Windows has in its master table. File Type Mechanic can identify missing file types, as well as badly configured file types. The software will display a table that lists the repairs that will solve your problem. It also identifies rock-solid software that you can install to process the file that is giving you the error message. Almost all of these suggested software packages are freeware applications that are available without charge.

With just a few clicks, you can tell File Type Mechanic to repair your system, and download software that will let you open the file that is causing your system to have problems.

With its emphasis on safety and security, File Type Mechanic creates a backup of your system configuration before it makes any changes to the Windows Registry. It’s simple to restore this backup configuration file if you’re unhappy with the changes that File Type Mechanic made to your system.

You can even configure File Type Mechanic to run scheduled scans of your Windows PC. This ensures that your PC is always in great shape, and you will avoid frustration when you urgently need to open a file you otherwise couldn’t.

File Type Mechanic offers comprehensive support, with online QuickStart Guides, a product knowledge base, and email support from the Trusted Software technical team.

Whether you’re a business person who needs to open a new type of file that your computer doesn’t recognize, a home user who can no longer open your photo or music files after the kids installed some program that they found on the Internet, or a student who needs to work with an unknown file from your teacher, File Type Mechanic has the tools that you need.

File Type Mechanic runs under Windows 7/Vista/XP. The software’s system scan is available without charge. The full version of File Type Mechanic includes repairs and product suggestions, and costs $29.95(US) for a single-user license.

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