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Discover Apple’s 10 marketing secrets



Are you satisfied to follow the masses, or are you ready for what really works?

There are many theories about what makes marketing dynamic. But let’s be honest. No one does it like Apple. And for some reason, not many of us follow their example. And we’re all missing out. 

Apple is known for its products. But products are also made known to the public thanks to the company’s unique advertising approach. 

Who else doesn’t say a word about pricing? For most of us, it’s a selling point. For Apple, it’s not to be mentioned. Why? Because they get better sales from talking about features, benefits and how their products meet your needs. Even needs you didn’t know you had. 

So while we’re all checking price lists, Apple gets ahead of everyone. 

And they know how to stay ahead. 

What’s the most popular advertising medium these days? Video of course. YouTube stars are the new celebrities.

That’s why Apple allowed some of them to access the new iPhone X before it was launched. And what happened? These stars advertised the features and fun of the device without Apple’s prompting and without mentioning the price tag.

And it shows another strategy they perfected: Getting the people on their side. This infographic by The Website Group shows you that Apple keeps doing it right. Will you start too?