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Just too late for Christmas dinners, the world’s first wireless cooking thermometer for iPod touch, iPhone and iPad will be launched at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas next month. It operates via a long-range Bluetooth and App-enabled connection to bring your personal e-sous chef into your home.

iDevices announced yesterday iGrill, the world’s first wireless cooking thermometer for iPod touch, iPhone and iPad via a long-range Bluetooth (over 200 feet) and App-enabled connection. To be introduced at the Consumer Electronics show (CES), held in Las Vegas, January 6-9, 2011, iGrill turns your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad into your own personal sous-chef, enabling you to multitask between your grill or oven and guests with the peace of mind that your food is perfectly cooked, at target temperature and safe for consumption. The iGrill consists of: ¬∑ iGrill Thermometer with Projection Display and Probe ‚ features easy-to-clean touch interface and multiple probe options. ¬∑ iGrill App for iPod, iPhone, & iPad – tells you status of food via Bluetooth. Spend time socialising instead of cooking and never burn your turkey again! iGrill is doing much more than simply redefining how we cook and grill, it’s changing the way we socialize. iGrill is taking the labor-intensity out of meal preparation and offering back the most valuable commodity of all: Time! Its secure, long-range Bluetooth connection lets you enjoy time with family and friends without compromising the quality of your cuisine! iGrill Chosen by Apple for Made For iPod, iPhone, iPad Developers’ program Finalist for the’s 6th Annual Best of CES 2011 Awards – Innovator of the Year (winner to be announced at CES), iGrill’s Bluetooth-enabled grilling thermometer has garnered the attention of Apple, who choose the product to participate in Apple’s Made For iPod, iPhone, iPad Developers’ Program. Apple saw the potential of a device that is so perfectly paired with their product line and features a seamlessly integrated, feature-rich App. Because of Apple’s open architecture, iDevices was able to develop a free App designed to not only enhance the iGrill experience, but also the cooking experience itself. iGrill Thermometer Features: ‚Ä¢Bluetooth – enabled with 200 foot+ range. ‚Ä¢Compatible with iPod touch, iPhone and iPad. ‚Ä¢ Features touch interface and projection display. ‚Ä¢Stand-alone thermometer. ‚Ä¢Multi-probe capacity. ‚Ä¢Integrated probe storage. ‚Ä¢Alarm settings. ‚Ä¢Multiple positions for extra flexibility and easy storage: standing, laying and hanging. ‚Ä¢Capable of tracking temperatures up to 400¬∞F (204¬∞C). iGrill App Features: ‚Ä¢iGrill connectability. ‚Ä¢Food temperature option. ‚Ä¢Multiple-probe support. ‚Ä¢Shows remaining cooking-time. ‚Ä¢Multiple view options. ‚Ä¢Recipe browsing/sharing. ‚Ä¢Kitchen timer. ‚We are extremely excited by the launch of iDevices’ first product, iGrill, which is already up for a ‚Best of CES’ Innovator of the Year award,‚ said Christopher Allen, CEO, iDevices. ‚iGrill is the first of an entire suite of home and lifestyle oriented products that iDevices will be developing in 2011 to enhance Apple products’ user experience.‚