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Content drives Samsung Apps Store

The main differentiator between mobile device manufacturers lies in creating a medium between functionality and the value of content. Samsung believes it has found this medium by giving consumers content that best suited to their lifestyle, says THABIET ALLIE, Head of Content and Services for Samsung Africa.

The development of a range of new content offerings, specifically for the African market, provides consumers with ready access to services that suit their lifestyles – whether music, sport or education services. Samsung recognises that the African market is very different to that of its international counterparts. The ability to both understand, and react to, the demands of this specific market certainly places Samsung at the forefront of advanced thinking – and our results are indicative of this.

2013 Q3 results indicate that the Samsung Apps Store is growing rapidly. Users have grown by an impressive 450% while downloads have increased by 600% year-on-year.

This growth can be attributed to the dynamic growth of the mobile handset space and the need for content, particularly the locally relevant downloads. We have added an impressive amount of African developed apps to the Samsung Apps Store with the aim of continuously meeting the needs of our growing mobile user base. This also serves to reaffirm our commitment around offering developers a platform where they can showcase their apps, which is critical to driving growth in this market.

The Samsung Apps store has thousands of apps covering a variety of topics that appeal to a range of different consumer needs get professional sports coaching from Smart Trainer, which now even includes cycling, the hottest music from The Kleek (download it now and be the first to get the new Jay Z album) and for those in Kenya, get medical advice in Swahili with iAfaya. In fact, any person looking for smart and simple apps will find something of interest in the Samsung Apps store.

We are focused on driving a comprehensive eco-system for consumer benefit and enjoyment. All content is targeted and developed specifically for its destination country, so if you are in South Africa, the content will be predominantly South African and, likewise, in Kenya the content will have a Kenyan flavour. With our upcoming additions, not only are we diversifying our content to provide consumers with all the information they need – delivering apps that are truly relevant to the local market but delivering convenient and functional options for their mobile lifestyles. As demand for high-quality downloads grows, we will continue to seek out new, innovative and smarter ways of adding value to the mobile communications experience partnering with the best and hottest developers across the continent – so watch this space.


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