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Consumer electronics now available from


on, has introduced electronics as a category to its marketplace. This online trading platform within the website provides South African consumers and traders with a safe and secure online environment to buy and sell new and used books, CD’s, DVD’s, games and now also electronics.

Gary Novitzkas, the General Manager of Customer Experience at says, ‚South Africa’s consumer electronics devices market i.e. the market for computing devices, mobile handsets and video, audio and gaming products, is projected at R43bn in 2010, and the launch of the electronics category on marketplace provides numerous benefits to both the traders and to consumers to tap into this market‚ .

Novitzkas moves on to say that this category launch also provides an eco-friendly solution to the escalating issue of e-waste. ‚Not only can consumers now buy the latest electronics online, we’re also providing them the opportunity to earn while re-using and recycling. Unwanted gadgets quickly get relegated to the back of the cupboard in favour of newer models or even worse, end up in the gadget graveyard contributing to the 100,000 tons of e-waste that South Africa generates annually. Make some extra cash in time for the festive season while doing the environment some good and sell your unwanted electronics online instead,‚ he says.

From a seller’s has made the upload process really simple. Sellers register and their banking details are verified. Once this step is complete, they upload their products by entering the name of the electronic gadget, or by entering the product barcode. The system searches for the product and once matched, the seller nominates a price that he or she would like to sell the item for, as well as the delivery method (courier or postal service) and product/service comments. Sellers can also bulk load items using a template file. Once uploaded, the item is automatically live on the website.

From a buyer’s perspective

A buyer browsing has the option of buying a new item or a used item from registered sellers on’s Marketplace. If the buyer selects the used item, the money paid by the buyer is held in’s escrow account until the buyer confirms receipt of the purchase. Once this is done, the money is paid directly into the seller’s bank account. This makes it the safest way to trade online.

Providing after action satisfaction

What makes’s marketplace different is the fact that they ensure buyer satisfaction by keeping the funds until the buyer received the product and confirms that it is in the condition that the seller advertised. Unlike other websites, once a product is purchased it is automatically removed from the website, which means that the only products that customers see are those which are actively available.

Further information is available on the website: or visit the trading platform directly at: