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Chinese tech seeks SA partners

The China Sourcing Fair, being held at the Gallagher Convention Centre in Midrand at the end of this month will showcase new technologies, products and solutions in the electronics segment that will be offered to businesses in South Africa for distribution and resale.

Chinese and world market consumers have increasingly based their purchasing decisions for consumer electronics on quality, brand names and last but not least on price. Following this trend, new and innovative designs s have in recent years become one of the most important success factors for the Chinese consumer electronics industry. Domestic manufacturers have spent substantial time and money on research and design of new products, aiming to incorporate the latest technologies, innovations, features and applications.

Bill Janeri, General Manager at Global Sources, the organizer of the 3rd Annual China Sourcing Fair said, ‚”In the past, China’s manufacturers were known for their low-cost production capabilities. Today they offer companies complete design services and ready-for-market products that can be tailored to local markets or rebranded for local companies.‚”

‚”The opportunity for South African companies is to meet with these companies while these suppliers are here in Johannesburg to see which products are best suited for local or regional markets,‚” added Janeri.

During the last 30 years, China has managed to become one of the fastest growth economies in the world. Electronics has been a Chinese pillar of success and is now the largest industry in China. China is now the powerhouse for consumer electronics products on a global scale. China is currently the world’s largest producer of TVs, recorders, VCD players, telephones, calculators, refrigerators, and air conditioners. It leads in cellular phone and smart phone production, is number one in IC consumption, has a leading-edge semiconductor industry, and is the largest PC producer.

The Chinese government has taken steps to support certain segments of the electronics industry through policy and regulation, including the integrated circuit and software segment, the new generation of mobile communications, next generation Internet, the digital audiovisual and PC segment.

South African companies and consumers can now benefit from this development. The China Sourcing Fair provides a platform for South African companies to easily select products and solutions in the electronics segment directly from the source without visiting China, speaking the local language and finding suitable in-country manufacturers. During the fair, distributors and resellers have the opportunity to increase their businesses with quality and competitively priced products and develop new channels to market either domestically or to markets outside of South Africa.

Buyers should visit to learn more about the event. Admission to the fair is free for qualified buyers and they can register online at this web site.


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