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CES 2012: Yahoo! to host Hanks series



Yahoo! is to be the first online broadcast partner for Tom Hanks’ groundbreaking futuristic series, ‚Electric City’. Hanks was at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas for the announcement.

Yahoo! and Reliance Entertainment announced last night that they have joined forces to bring Playtone’s animated futuristic series ‚Electric City‚ to Yahoo! in 2012. ‚Electric City‚ was created by and stars Tom Hanks. As the online broadcast home for the series, Yahoo! will bring Hanks’ vision and storytelling to a global audience. Set in a futuristic society, ‚Electric City‚ is a new 90-minute, action-packed sci-fi adventure series: it marks Yahoo!’s first foray into original scripted programming.

The introduction of ‚Electric City‚ took center stage at a private event at CES with Tom Hanks and Ross Levinsohn, EVP Americas, Yahoo! on January 10 in Las Vegas.

What is ‚Electric City‚ ?

The world as we know it has ended and out of the rubble, the Electric City stands as a symbol of peace and security. Yet under the veneer of order lies a world full of secrets and violence. Secret police, back alley dealings, daring chase and murder all find a home in the ‚Electric City.‚ Through the lens of a functioning, yet dystopian metropolis, ‚Electric City‚ touches upon relevant global issues and themes including energy consumption, freedom of information, crime and punishment and more.

The story unfolds gradually, layering mystery upon mystery, inviting viewers to interact with the content and each other. Metaphors and symbols are woven throughout, creating a perfect environment for puzzle-solving and community interaction. Like good science fiction, ‚Electric City‚ raises provocative questions about our own way of life and value systems. Short-form connecting storylines combined with vivid animation and a compelling score will keep audiences watching, while metaphors and range of subject lines will keep them guessing‚Äîand reflecting.


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