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Cape Town leads in war on waste

Cape Town was the biggest source of waste paper for a records management company that decided to embark on paper recycling to make a contribution to the environment. Metrofile Africa reported 802 tons of paper recycled in June across its branches nationwide. Aside from confidential records that were destroyed and recycled ‚ with Johannesburg the main source ‚ Cape Town pipped Durban to the general paper waste post, with Joburg in only third place.

Metrofile, Africa’s leader in information and records management, announced a new landmark in its green initiative, recycling impressive amounts of its own paper as well as offering recycling services to its clients, interesting statistics emerge of waste paper per city.

June alone saw the company recycle more than 802 tons of paper based waste products across the country, making a significant contribution towards reducing the carbon footprint of the organisation, and helping to preserve the environment.

In June, the Cape Town branch recycled 80 tonnes, while the two Durban offices combined contributed 70 tonnes. Johannesburg came in third with 63 tonnes of paper, although it would have taken the lead position if it included 42 tonnes of Confidential Records Destruction (CRD) recycled at the branch.

Metrofile’s Durban faclity

The Pretoria branch recycled 40.9 tonnes, while Port Elizabeth contributed 33 tonnes. Recycling division Rainbow handled 42 tonnes of Confidential Records Destruction (CRD) and a further 472 142kg of paper.

The recycling service not only takes care of Metrofile’s own boxes and redundant documents, but the service is also offered to clients as part of the organisation’s paper management service, ensuring that businesses have the opportunity to destroy waste paper and confidential documents in a convenient and environmentally friendly manner.

‚At Metrofile we work with large amounts of paper based products, and as part of our ongoing commitment to the environment, we have chosen to recycle redundant paperwork and storage boxes, instead of burdening the planet with massive amounts of landfill,‚ says Peter McLaren-Kennedy, Sales and Marketing Director at Metrofile. “As part of this initiative, we provide clients with specific recycling bins that are emptied regularly. We also offer bulk collections and paper sorting to make recycling more convenient and effective.””

All of Metrofile’s regional offices are equipped with recycling bins, and staff have been educated on the correct use of these as well as the advantages of recycling from an environmental perspective. In addition, each operation is expected to deliver monthly recycling statistics.

‚Since we began this initiative we have recycled thousands of tonnes of paper. The world is becoming increasingly green aware and we are proud to be ahead of the pack in contributing towards solutions rather than creating problems‚ says McLaren-Kennedy.

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