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Best bloggers in South Africa announced



After two months of voting and nominations the SA Blog Awards came to a close this weekend, with Watkykjy winning the SA Blog of the Year.

JP Naude, CEO of the SA Blog Awards, says the event and the run up to the awards was very successful. ‚This year we saw a record number of public votes entered, in fact an increase of more than 300%, which is partly due to the fact that we allowed more votes. This system allowed for the recognition of dedicated bloggers who blog more frequently. In addition the new system has raised the level of awareness for blogging substantially.‚

Says Naude ‚We are extremely happy to see that blogging is slowly spreading across more languages and cultures of South Africa.‚

According to Naude, there were some initial challenges with the judging phase, but they’re confident that the public vote had ensured that the best blogs were recognised. ‚This year we’ve had more than 60 judges from various industries oversee the process. With their wealth of experience and knowledge of the blogoshpere, I have no doubt that this year’s winners are well deserving of their titles.‚

Executive Judge of the SA Blog Awards Richard Mulholland, who is a notoriously strict judge considered criteria such as consistency, creativity and overall personal enjoyment.

Robin Oliver, who judged the Science and Technology category, says he is proud that South Africa can hold its own in the blogosphere. ‚The inter-web has given us an age of communication we have never experienced before. I truly enjoyed the process of studying the finalists in depth and I am impressed that our SA bloggers are on par with the rest of the world.‚

Category winners in 2010 are as follows:

Ogilvy Twitter Micro Blogger of the Year:

The Ogily Best Media and Marketing Blog:

The Kulula Best Travel Blog:

The Old Mutual Best Green Blog:

The Evox Advanced Nutrition Best Sports Blog:

The UCT Graduate School of Business Best Blog:

The Havana Club Rum Best Blog Design:

The Jameson Whisky Best Fashion Blog:

The Olmeca Edicion Black Best Music Blog:

The Best Parenting Blog:

The Best Personal Blog:

The Best Company Blog:

The Most Controversial Blog:

The Best Indigenous Language Blog:

The Best Group Blog:

The Best South African Podcast/Video Blog:

The Best Science and Technology Blog:

The Best Food and Wine Blog:

The RE/MAX Best New Blog: Best Photographic Blog:

The Best Blog about Politics:

The Best Overseas South African Blog:

The Exclus1ves Best Entertainment Blog:

Best Post on a SA Blog:

Best TV/Radio Blog: