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Beatle in the cloud with HP



HP announced the launch of Paul McCartney’s private cloud-based digital library. The HP solution provides MPL Communications with instant access to its diverse media assets on an HP Converged Infrastructure ready for future growth.

McCartney’s collection currently includes more than 1 million items, including photographs: video footage from live concerts: rolls of film, videotapes and reels: music recordings: original works of art: as well as memorabilia. With HP, McCartney’s personal assets are now digitised.

HP Enterprise Services experts worked with MPL Communications to plan, develop, integrate and test the library. The library is built on an HP Converged Infrastructure, based on modular building blocks of HP servers, storage, networking and management software. The assets are housed in a private cloud managed from HP commercial data centers.

Consumers today demand instant access, using a myriad of devices, from any location, at any time. With MPL Communications, former technology infrastructure, finding specific assets from McCartney’s collection could be a complex and time-consuming process. HP Information Optimisation solutions provide an optimised repository of the content, allowing the organisation to be quicker, nimbler and smarter by gaining access to the right information when it is needed.

‚It’s really exciting because even if I’m out on tour anywhere in the world, I will be able to say, okay, ‚Wings 1976 tour’ and instantly, it will come up. You’ve got all the information, all the photos from it. And you’ll have written accounts ‚ personal accounts and critical accounts ‚ of what happened,‚ said McCartney.

‚Working with MPL Communications, we are demonstrating how an Instant-On music organisation can be achieved to create, manage and distribute engaging content to an increasingly connected world,‚ said Jan Zadak, executive vice president, Enterprise Sales and Marketing, HP. ‚This is an exciting journey as we continue to work closely with Paul McCartney to develop technology solutions that will preserve and extend his legacy.‚